Protesters Gather in DC for March for Life

Anti-abortion rights advocates are gathered at the National Mall in Washington D.C. for the annual March for Life where Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to speak.
2:30 | 01/27/17

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Transcript for Protesters Gather in DC for March for Life
That March for life, a live look at the stage set in Washington, D.C. Where speakers will gather to protest abortion, vice president Mike pence is expected to address the rally today and ABC's Mary Bruce is live at the national mall with more for us. Hey, Mary. Reporter: Good morning. In just a few hours this whole area will be flooded with demonstrators and this year they feel they really have something to celebrate, now that Donald Trump is in office their wish list could become a reality. They're calling on him to appoint an anti-abortion supreme court justice and want to ban federal funding for many abortions and in a sign of just how powerful this movement is that headliner here this morning, vice president Mike pence. David. Windy D.C. Behind you, we can see, Mary, but a lot of focus on this March because as you know we asked the president about the other March, the women's March the day after he was sworn in and we wondered if he -- he has a sense of responsibility for trying to unite the country. Could you hear them. No, I couldn't hear them but the crowds were large but you're going to have a large crowd on Friday too which is mostly pro-life people. You're going to have a lot of people coming Friday and I will say this and I didn't realize this but I was told you will have a very large crowd of people. I don't know, as large or larger. Some people say it will be larger pro-life people and they say the press doesn't cover them. I don't want to compare crowd sizes again. No, you shouldn't but let me tell you they do say that the press doesn't cover them. We saw the marches around the country of the you are their president now. Do you sense the responsibility to reach out now and to unite them and for those women, men, children who marched who are watching this what would you say to them. Well, I do but I have to also say we just had an election a few weeks ago. And they voted in many cases and in some cases they didn't vote, I imagine. And we did have an election. With that being said, absolutely I have responsibility to everybody including people that didn't vote for Donald Trump. Totally. A responsibility to everybody but you heard the president there say, Mary, this crowd could be as large or even larger talking about the crowd size. Yeah, the president clearly hoping for a big turnout here today. He has high hopes for this March. But, David, these demonstrators have high hopes for him and want him to follow through and that is a message they will be making loud and clear this morning. Mary, thanks so much and to the whole team. We'll carry that news conference live today, president trump and the prime minister of Britain. The press conference right here on ABC. We'll see you for that.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"Anti-abortion rights advocates are gathered at the National Mall in Washington D.C. for the annual March for Life where Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to speak.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45084434","title":"Protesters Gather in DC for March for Life","url":"/GMA/video/protesters-gather-dc-march-life-45084434"}