'Puppies for Rent': Helpful or Harmful?

Utah college student helps rescued pets that need homes.
2:47 | 12/11/12

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Transcript for 'Puppies for Rent': Helpful or Harmful?
-- -- -- Utah college students come up. With -- silly idea she says it's to help shine a light on the plight of rescue dogs like these -- right here. But not all animal experts are sold on -- here's ABC's Abbie Boudreau. Surely. These populations furry babies are on the market is temporary best friends. It's a new wave of -- that animal victims with no strings are messy house -- you can rent two homes -- Charlie for a few hours. How much -- it. And cook for yourself and funny by Ellis islands are not -- Jenna Miller is a twenty year old college student at BYU and Utah and the -- classes she rents out puppies who -- abandon. We're not allowed to have pets and housing. And sell us people missing animal interaction and so that's kind of what I wanted to help solve. Now hopes for rent is filling a void for dozens of students and families. Some people think that that's not such a good idea -- now I didn't gathered the concerns surrounding that but our goal is to place -- get holes -- taking puppies that would otherwise be sitting in -- cage in the pound. But not everyone agrees -- for Loney from the humane society of New York his -- puppies is a step in the wrong direction. And it reduces them back to things. Back to things that we use for our leisure and if the human and it's like keeps changing. They'll have problems learning how to -- -- become too independent and then be harder to train. GM today got to tag along to see you renting a puppy -- adorable little toast was being rented diet family for an hour. Do you are basically it. You're responsible for the -- all of our little babies it is that it is really fun to. Get together and quite happy it seems like all the perks and none of the responsibility. It would be better to adopt them well enough fun option -- think he should be totally deprived of animal interaction. Summer Jones rented Douglas. Weeks ago and now Douglas is an unexpected but proud member of the Jones -- I'm on the defibrillator is upset about. Getting a dog but when you -- a -- in person -- -- care about what it. For Miller all of the eleven politics is -- have now been adopted making it well worth it. People who thought Maine they never have a dog and puppy they -- a positive benefits of -- and I think I needed I'm. For Good Morning America Abbie Boudreau ABC news Salt Lake City. Close -- here on new renewed Alexander making an inmate at GOP. That is the goal puppies for -- to get puppies adopted like these two. Guys -- got to go right here from New York humane society so many dogs in shelters and full time homes and you can adopt these guys -- I think -- optimism Erica.

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{"id":17932973,"title":"'Puppies for Rent': Helpful or Harmful?","duration":"2:47","description":"Utah college student helps rescued pets that need homes.","url":"/GMA/video/puppies-rent-helpful-harmful-17932973","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}