Puppy Photography Featured in New Book "A Letter to My Dog"

Celebrities such as "GMA"anchor Robin Roberts and singer Tony Bennett pay tribute to their furry friends.
4:19 | 11/23/12

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Transcript for Puppy Photography Featured in New Book "A Letter to My Dog"
Robin and her dog are featured in a great, new book, as I walk over here. Written by dog lovers. Robin layton, who is holding one of her own rescue dogs. I think she wants to get back to her momma. This is a book called "a letter to my dog." It features dogs and their owners writing letters. Among them, our special guest this morning, tony bennett. Hi. How are you? Happy thanksgiving, belatedly. Thank you so much. It's a great book. Robin, how did you get the idea for this? You can let her go. Oh. There she goes. This was created by lisa. And we were having dinner last spring with friends. And with lisa and jimmy cole. Lisa created it. Jimmy cole produced it. And I got to do the photographs. Tony, you wrote a letter to your dog, happy. Happy. The name of the dog. That is the name of the dog. When I first saw her, I said, what a happy dog. And they said, call her happy. I want to read a little of what you wrote to your dog. Quote, I know that happy is someone that can lick your face, jump in your lap and run around in excited circles when I come home. My dog is very special. I really mean it. I know everybody feels that about their dog. But happy has a personality. She loves everything and everybody. We take her into central park. She loves to run up to anybody. The children, the grown-ups. Different dogs. The tail is wagging all the time for us. She loves everybody. Robin, I was reading this book last night. I'm struck by how many people, first of all, women called mommy, for their dogs. How many people say I got you from a rescue shelter, but you rescued me? There was one letter, from maria menounos, about a 6-year-old poodle that was so abused, it made me cry. It was so moving. There's so many wonderful rescue dogs. We have four rescue dogs. That monkey on the cover, is my dog and she's a rescue dog. It was great to see people rescuing dogs from the shelters. Your photography is amazing. You took a picture of k.G., robin's dog. That was an amazing experience. Robin is warm and down to earth. Like I need to tell you guys that. That was an amazing experience. And to witness the love between her and k.G. I want to read a letter from chelsea handler and her dog, chunk. Thank for having good table manners. And thank you for not being a cat. These letters are quite funny. They're hysterical. AND cynthia McFadden, our own "nightline" anchor. I felt like I knew her forever. She was wonderful, too. And she writes a great letter to her dog. We have a clip of her talking to her dog. And the tone we all talk to our dogs, which is baby-talkle the with ke take a look at that? Why don't I talk to you like a normal person? That's a good question, cynthia. We have to get back to you on that. My husband does that to our dog, too. The baby-talk thing is hyster hysterical. Our dogs disarm us. We go to the place of unconditional love. Tony, tell me the truth. Do you ever sing to your dog? I do. Can you sing us something that you sing to her. I also thank her. She loves it. When -- she sits down next to me. And she's so content just to be around -- having me around for a couple of hours while I paint. What do you sing to happy? What's that? What do you sing to happy? "Happy birthday." And she thinks the song is written for her. Very great. Tony bennett, thanks so much for being here this morning. Thank you very much. Robin, this is a great book. And dog lovers would love this as a gift for christmas. I enjoyed it. I blame you for staying up too late last night. I started reading it. Thank you. And tony has a new album and

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{"id":17792325,"title":"Puppy Photography Featured in New Book \"A Letter to My Dog\"","duration":"4:19","description":"Celebrities such as \"GMA\"anchor Robin Roberts and singer Tony Bennett pay tribute to their furry friends.","url":"/GMA/video/puppy-photography-featured-book-letter-dog-17792325","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}