Can Pushy Parenting Lead to Successful Kids?

Reality show 'Extreme Guide to Parenting' explores non-traditional ways to raise children.
6:41 | 08/07/14

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Transcript for Can Pushy Parenting Lead to Successful Kids?
Making little five year old Austin compete in obstacle course is nothing out of the ordinary her spirits -- -- silver and Geoff Eisenberg. Using the course to teach him the importance of -- and being a good sport. All my life is not always easy. Right sometimes you win. And sometimes in this looking so view crying. Your baby -- be called the baby move. And style of parenting pushing your child sixteen. He's now allowed me open more than ever from the infamous dance moms they need to -- -- But it just doesn't hesitate to grab those new show extra green guide to parenting on the show Maria Singh and -- are not shy when it comes to their parenting but are they pushing too -- -- -- -- not focusing on small -- up now. How would you describe your parenting style. You your kids to be the best they can do we want them to get a 100% to everything. And I teaching every day to make -- count. And to be a kind person but to push yourself to limits I don't think there's anything wrong with. -- -- to pressure can these days -- Agassi started playing tennis at four. And look where he where Bob -- -- -- doing and he and you know a lot of who cares. Even -- Boston's driving the -- -- wants him he wants to explore it. -- and and we believe it's our duty as parents to allow him to explore what he wants to explore and he has quite this schedules. Many extracurricular activities exhausting currently participating. Friday. It's swimming. -- -- Reading classic basketball and -- returns in the -- camp full time so -- seven -- something beautiful this is this campaign and I news. Today it's private golf lessons. They have big plans -- -- And the focus is on the future. I don't mind. Yeah Austin -- I want him have a good life when -- -- and this is what it's about studying hard. Getting into a good college. Getting ticketed grad school and just being the best that he can be Indus river -- -- five years old is -- star. -- -- I definitely think there's such thing as pushing your child too hard and I think at times I've done it. Doctor Jennifer Ashton is our own ABC news senior medical contributor. I date she gives advice even losing a small amount of body weight can drop your blood pressure. And at home my motto is set the bar high. And then raise it from there just wants doctor Jan inaction is -- guy with -- fourteen year old daughter Chloe. -- -- hockey camp. And are you getting enough sleep yes it. Now remember. You know this is an important week because you're getting -- go to Canada. -- -- -- I -- -- -- to be aggressive. Splits. Case -- Unacceptable. But she says it's all part of raising happy successful children. I pushed them hard in their process would ever that is whether it's homework whether to school project. I don't really care that much what the product is as long as they put in. The most effort that they humanly -- And it's that work ethic that's helped Chloe on the nights now we get to the hardware as I call it said this is the blame. -- he's our only half her medals this is it girls tournament. -- -- -- -- runs a tight ship planning out her family's schedule each week everything for dinner -- going on a family bike ride. This is -- command central for our household. Did -- -- I feel like I can't live without it juggling work traveler kids' summer camp schedules. Doctor -- keeps her family well organized -- just don't mess with their system. Heaven forbid someone takes the wrong collar. In the wrong type of hand rating to this board. I can't really angry. But she has so warning prepare. I definitely think that you can push a kid too far and too hard. And I think when you do that would you risk is sending a message to your child. You are not good enough you need to keep getting better. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He just did a -- moral lessons. Does it concern you at all that he could get burnt out because it is a lot of activity. Right but you also have to understand it's not -- course of one day. First of all sacking of all. We always take a barometer reading of -- child so for any second I think that something's wrong he's going bad direction it's gonna get corrected. I know my heart I'm getting the best thing for my crime is -- -- be fantastic me on Wednesday and I'm going to be practicing this is Michael. -- -- -- To hurt reality TV is the best -- like -- reality TV it doesn't additional. The working mom and -- you can be everything to every morning there's nothing wrong -- Pushing your child to be the best I think everyone here to take all I want my child to be the real thing get inside it's true. That so I say it animal that. The season works. The Eisenberg say it's what works for their family and feel they've struck the right balance -- I know that you know this war. If other parents look at. Your example. And they say wow they're pushing pretty hard what do you say -- that. We -- pushing hard if you want to tell me mama I wanna do this -- -- stop it -- look at the letters. You wouldn't let him not learn those -- -- got my -- it would never happen. Remember we're not seeing you know what we do is necessarily right for every child. Every child needs different things. What works for us may not work for another parent so this is a market. -- --

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{"duration":"6:41","description":"Reality show 'Extreme Guide to Parenting' explores non-traditional ways to raise children.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24876661","title":"Can Pushy Parenting Lead to Successful Kids?","url":"/GMA/video/pushy-parenting-lead-successful-kids-24876661"}