Rachel Zoe's Superstar Style Secrets

The popular designer's tips on the accessories that will help you live in style.
3:00 | 03/25/14

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Transcript for Rachel Zoe's Superstar Style Secrets
Good morning, America. ? 00 louisiaooh-la-ooh-la-la ? Rachel Zoe wears so many hats literally and figuratively. Stylist a-listers like Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, Jennifer garner just to name a few. Wife, mom and author again, her latest "Living in style" is out today and so thrilled to have our friend Rachel Zoe with us again always picking your brain for styles. Nobody does it like you, my friend. I love doing it. Such a fun thing doing what you love and style and fashion is in your blood and bones. In my blood, in my bones, I eat, sleep and breathe it, I do. Now motherhood. Congratulations. Thank you. Baby Kaia is 3 months old. Scale Lahr is 3. 3. How is he feeling about little brother? Oh, my god. He's in love with him. He wants him to play with him and play with cars and stuff. That'll take a while. I know. How do you manage to do it? We always like to talk to moms would work about juggling and you're a terrific example of writing a book, having two children. Being a happy wife and running basically a fashion empire. Well, it's funny, I think kids actually motivate you to work harder and I think I'm in a great situation where I bring them with me, they're here in New York with me so I don't know, they're just my heart. They keep me smiling and get through through any stressful time. I look at them, kiss them and I'm fine. You know. No, but it's always nice to hear how everybody gets it done. But it's hard. So wonderful, our viewers. We got a lot of questions from them on Facebook. Jessica dilly asking "What's the one piece a stay-at-home mom should always have in her closet? I'll say a great coat. If you're running out the door or doing ear's you can throw on a great coat over everything and always -- is it dresses it up even if it's yoga pants which you never take off. Exactly. Fran would like to know what age is a piece of clothing out of date? It is a good question. I have to say, you know, it really shouldn't have a time limit on it. A good piece of clothing should never have a time limit. But I do think you have to have things that look good on you. If it doesn't -- If you haven't worn it in a year, do you believe that. No, it may come back and may totally wear it like it's new again. We want to you share some of the tips you have in the book. Thank you so much, Bloomingdale's because they have given us all the stuff to work with here because you talk about four basic belts that everybody should have. What are you feeling today. I think it's about accentuating your waist and there's something for everybody, a wide belt. Some are scared. I don't love my midsection and ironically a good belt gives your waist, gives you that hour 7 glass, Kinney, wide, medium size, it doesn't matter. Do what works best. The bells are never out. I always think of you in a hat. And this is a great one. That looks good on you actually how do you pull it off and -- is this all about confidence, let me tell you something nothing covers a bad hair day better than a hat and makes you look that much more glamorous. Look through the pages, it does help you identify your own permanent style. Not everybody is going to be able to pull this off. I on the other hand -- You can. It looks great on you. And L but not leave, scarves. I think of you as little accessionry, something simple but it can dress it up. A scarve can go a long way, put it on your head, wear it as a sarong, tie it as a belt or and your neck and makes every outfit look better. As a working mom -- Multi-items in your closet. Dresses the stars and now will help you "Living in style" out today. Want too thank Bloomingdale's for all the wonderful items and congratulations on having the baby. Stay because coming up karmin

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{"id":23048420,"title":"Rachel Zoe's Superstar Style Secrets","duration":"3:00","description":"The popular designer's tips on the accessories that will help you live in style.","url":"/GMA/video/rachel-zoe-superstar-designers-secrets-accessories-live-style-23048420","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}