Get Ready For College Football

Fans are excited about the upcoming season and the new college playoff system.
5:28 | 08/30/14

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Transcript for Get Ready For College Football
college football season kicks into full gear, the start of a brave new era for the league. One designed to answer the prayers of frustrated fans. Back to Paula Faris in ft. Worth, Texas. Good morning once again. Good morning once again to you, Dan and, you know, believe it or not, even the politicians in Washington could agree on this, the old system to determine a college champion just wasn't working so this is their attempt to fix it at the end of the season, four teams hopefully one of your teams, right, four teams will compete for a chance to hoist this trophy. Out with the crystal and in with the good. The oft maligned bowl championship is no more. For the first time ever, the national champion of college football will be the winner of a playoff tournament. But don't get too excited about the bracket to go. The newly minted college football playoffs will feature just four teams in two rounds to determine who plays in that championship game. You're going to have to win that game plus two games now to win a national championship so this will be much more challenging, I think, than it's ever before. Reporter: A committee of 13 including Archie manning, legendary coach Barry Alvarez and even former secretary of state condoleezza rice will meet weekly to score teams on an array of criteria including strength of schedule, head-to-head competition, common opponents and even injured players. But with so much controversy surround the BCS which drew years of scorn from sportscasters -- The BCS as we know it comes to an end and I couldn't be happener. Reporter: Presidents. I'm fed up with these computer rankings. Reporter: Even congressional hearings. Drop the "C" and call it the bs system. Reporter: How is the new system being received. No computers to keep us out. We're definitely in. I'm in. We'll be in. No doubt. Okay, so are you ready for this? The official name is the college football playoff national championship trophy presented by Dr. Pepper. Let me take a deep breath now. It's about three feet tall. Made of gold, bronze and steel and took the craftsman, Dan about three months to perfect. One team will be hoisting this January 12th, 2015. I tried to lift it but I was scolded so I won't try that again. Took them slightly longer than it did for you to pronounce the name of it. Paula, we'll get back to you in the next half hour, thank you for braving it out. There is a full day of football on tap on ABC ten ESPN culmina culminating with Florida state taking on Oklahoma state in the adverycare classic here on ESPN. Now for something completely different, the star of this next story is this baby girl born by a rare emergency c-section just a few months ago at the San Diego zoo and Sara has all the details. I have watched this new video over and over again. It's even better only little sweeter knowing her entry into the world was rocky but made it a much cuter place to be for sure. San Diego zoo's baby gorilla Joanne is growing up and ready to make her grand entrance becoming more active and taking fewer naps. Watch as she's holding on for dear life but riding proudly atop mommy's back. When Amani is awake, she'll be reaching for things. Reporter: Joanne was born on March 12th after a rare emergency c-section. Since birth, Joanne learned to roll over and prop herself up. Just like human babies while teething she began to mouth items within her reach but she's sampling solid foods. Her favorite kale and grapes cut in half. And just like any other new kid in the neighborhood, Joanne is learning the fine art of playing with the other young gorillas at the zoo. Frank, he's pretty curious about holding Joanne. He wants to carry her around the exhibit. Reporter: While she's under Amani's watchful eye she's trying on new behaviors. Not ready to take on all those adventures she hangs on to mom while swinging on a rope playing with logs and hanging out by mom's side while eating a meal but just like all little ones they don't stay little for long. Joanne takes off with some of her first steps. This gorilla is ready to take on the world one baby step at a time. All I've got to say is oh it's so cute. It's so cute. If it takes a viral video either a baby or animal, take a baby Han mall and you've nailed it. Thanks for doing that. The forecast from meteorologist Stephanie Roberts visiting from our ABC station in Sarasota, Florida, can you top Joanne. You can never go wrong there, good morning, everybody. We do have problems with talk about along the northern gulf coast. Tropical rains are moving into the area. We are expecting downpours and could see as much as four inches

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{"id":25189288,"title":"Get Ready For College Football","duration":"5:28","description":"Fans are excited about the upcoming season and the new college playoff system.","url":"/GMA/video/ready-college-football-25189288","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}