'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Star Released from Prison

Teresa Giudice is returning home to her husband, Joe, and their four daughters.
3:58 | 12/23/15

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Transcript for 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Star Released from Prison
Let's take a look at "Real housewife" star Teresa Guidice arriving home in prison. There it is earlier this morning and check out the gift that was waiting for her in the driveway. I think that's a Lexus with a bow on it. Wow. That's some gift, huh. She, of course, was released for serving nearly a year for fraud and ABC's juju Chang has her story. Reporter: This morning, the New Jersey housewife who became a Connecticut prison inmate is free after nearly a year behind bars, reality star Teresa Guidice is out of federal prison, the now ex-con pleaded guilty to multiple federal charges back in October, 2014. In a statement her attorney told ABC news, Teresa is very excited to be coming home and being reunited with her family two days before Christmas. It will certainly be a very merry Christmas in the Guidice house this year. Best known for her lavish lifestyle and over the top temper tantrums. Guidice has spent these last months doing time at the women's prison made famous by "Orange is the new black." What's going on. Reporter: While rumors swirled about her and her family on the outside. This experience has brought Joe and Teresa closer. She's realized how important their marriage is and how important family is. Reporter: Before going behind bars Guidice told "Gma's" Amy robach that she was doing her best to be brave for her four daughters. I can't just be upset and curl up in a ball and just go in a room and lock the door. I can't. I'm a mom. I have four daughters. When the door is shut and they are in bed, do you get to do that. Yes. I would be lying to say that's not happening. Reporter: Originally sentenced to 15 months she was released after less than 12 months for good behavior spending the last part of the prison time getting ready for the holidays. She's been keeping busy by actually planning Christmas. Even behind prison walls. She enlisted her husband Joe and her oldest daughter to do the holiday shopping so that the whole family has gifts under the tree when she gets home. Reporter: Time with family will be fleeting. Her husband, Joe Guidice -- What do you want to eat? Reporter: -- Is scheduled to start his own 41-month sentence early next year. For "Good morning America," juju Chang, ABC news, New York. Okay, let's get a little more from Janine Rubenstein. Welcome to "Gma." We saw some details. That Lexus with the bow. What else do we know? We know she was released at 5:01 A.M. This morning and she actually took a little time to get herself together. She, you know, looked great for the first pictures we saw, right in character. So the first pictures we saw she looked like her old self and she went straight home. She wanted to be with her family as soon as possible. What are you hearing about her emotional Tate and how they will celebrate Christmas. Christmas is huge for the guidices so they've gone all out and definitely probably decorated the house and things like that and she was orchestrating from prison, making sure that the gifts that she wanted for certain people were purchased and things like that and it's going to just be the immediate family right now. And she's out of prison but not necessarily free, if you will. She's got some rules. She's technically still a prisoner. She is on home confinement until February 5th and that means all of her comings and goings will be controlled. She has to check in with someone. Does she wear that bracelet or no? Not clear yet if she has to have a bracelet but she does have to, you know, check in with an officer. Something tells me we'll find out. We'll hear about it. Yeah, so they have a happy time together, a good holiday season, but not too long because Joe is actually -- has to go into prison in March, I believe it is, so they don't have that long and he has a longer sentence, 41 months, so, yeah. Reality show still to come? Who knows. It's not necessarily clear but she is still under contract so you might see her. First things first, Christmas. Thanks for coming. Thank you for having me.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"Teresa Giudice is returning home to her husband, Joe, and their four daughters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35921626","title":"'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Star Released from Prison","url":"/GMA/video/real-housewives-jersey-star-released-prison-35921626"}