Real Life Wedding Crasher's Photos Go Viral

College student poses in pictures from weddings around the world.
3:08 | 03/03/13

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Transcript for Real Life Wedding Crasher's Photos Go Viral
night ♪k now with the story straight out of the hit comedy movie "wedding crashers". A college student now an overnight celebrity for photo bombing weddings all over the world. Those couples look happier than I would think. Well, now these pictures have gone viral and abc's john schriffen is here with more. Good morning, john. Good morning. Which one of those just doesn't belong here, right. Just imagine it's one of the biggest days of your life that you've been 34r57bing forever and here comes along this college kid looking to crash the party. But surprisingly he's been successful being accepted by complete strangers. His secret to wooing the bride and groom, well, he says it helps when there's a language barrier. I now pronounce you man and wife. Mazel tov! Reporter: Move own vince vaughn and owen wilson, there is a new wedding crasher in town. ♪ Hey, hey jrt know wakar pen ter crashed eight weddings all over the world and has pictures to prove it. It all began when he was studying abroad in europe. I visited paris one day and while in the morning I saw two couples getting married and i didn't think much of it. Later that day I saw more and I -- for some reason I decided to take a picture with the first one. I thought it was kind of goofy and I saw two more that day and then after I showed my friends they said, hey, you know what, you should do this more often. Reporter: It didn't take hong for his photo to go viral and 1 million page views later noah was on his way to becoming an international wedding crasher making pit stops in london, france, turkey and even west philadelphia where he currently attends college. That was the first one right there at the louver. You can see the pyramid and LATER THE arc de Triomphe and that night we went to the eiffel tower. Reporter: International, yes, but wedding crasher extraordinaire, noah doesn't quite see it that way. I wouldn't say I'm a wedding crasher per se. I would just say I'm really good at third-wheeling couples. Reporter: Social media, a field he believes he's well suited f as a result of these posts going viral. Until then he hopes actually attend one of the wedding he crash crashes. To my knowledge I haven't been invited to any of the ee representations but at the same time most of the people I took pictures with were european and didn't speak english. I may very well have been invited to a reception and not know it. I think it would be pretty cool to publish a coffee table book of myself and people getting married around the world. Well on his way. Had should his real life party crashing -- it's only good if i don't see you -- thing there's a monitor here. We tried to get him to do a shirtless version. That shadow creeping in gave it away. Family program here. If noah should get his moved made rash real-life pursuit he would be want to be played by shia LaBoeuf. In fairness since he never crashed a reception the real-wedding crashers stand. Played by ron claiborne. Uh-oh. Who is this guy. Thank you, ron, thank you, john. Coming up on gp, combustible mix, a dog, a cat and a bathtub coming up in "fixation" we'll

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{"id":18641110,"title":"Real Life Wedding Crasher's Photos Go Viral","duration":"3:08","description":"College student poses in pictures from weddings around the world.","url":"/GMA/video/real-life-wedding-crashers-photos-viral-18641110","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}