'Reality Is Not Available For Sale': An Investigator's Mission to Protect the Truth

Terry Lenzner remembers his role in the civil rights movement, Watergate, and Princess Diana's death.
3:00 | 02/11/14

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Transcript for 'Reality Is Not Available For Sale': An Investigator's Mission to Protect the Truth
Hello and welcome to Yahoo! power players on David Curley at ABC news and today we welcome the author of a new book called the investigator. Terry Lesnar is here the sub title as this fifty years of uncovering the truth Terry. Thanks for coming a story of your life. Thank you for -- and appreciate it you were at some of the major events of the last fifty years. Starting when you join the Justice Department and we've all seen the movie Mississippi Burning in the civil rights movement. Due to Lionsgate and -- you know what you get me into. I'm gonna -- Washington and each morning. You're in the middle of that terrifying time for somebody -- down they're trying to enforce -- law. It was this area I didn't I didn't realize house period to really was at the time I started to sleep on the floor. In motels. Because when somebody says something to me like -- okay we're gonna put two and a really nice room right on the highway. Then I decided okay I'm taking a mattress off the bed. Capitalize on the mattress below the window and it became. -- movement we -- -- down and tried to get African Americans to talk there was this culture of fear they wouldn't they wouldn't talk to you they were terrified. These people were in constant fear both of losing their jobs and being shot -- -- -- being harassed or some other horrible event. It was cold blooded murder. At least for civil rights workers -- plans people didn't have any idea who they were they just took him out of the station wagon and shot him on the road. You've also got involved in the Princess Diana investigation. Police say the -- of the -- was killed. As what is her companion the millionaire film -- -- duty I'll find. He was the son of Mohamed -- fight the Luna of -- -- in London Dodi fayed's father -- Wanted another investigation this -- after already we've heard that this was you know the driver was drunk but the father of Dodi -- I didn't believe it. And he wanted you to prove that he was right -- -- you fund. And we found there was no possible explanation for. Anything other than the fact. That Dodi fayed's. Chauffeur was drunk during that incident and there's no other explanation for the car running into the tunnel. And killing Diana and Mohammed fayed's son. Mr. fired -- -- another investigator after years right to to come up with the answer he was looking forces that the phenomenon -- now that's pretty much. -- part of our lives investigations. Where people will spend a lot of money to buy reality which in fact it's not available for sale when I called look to give my final report. I said there's no way in the world and I can tell you that we are solving this this. Incident has has being anybody's fault except the driver and the and the drinking. And and Mohammed I had said to me that's your conclusion -- CSI this year and he said you're fired. You actually ended up working for Richard Nixon. From the Nixon ended up firing you and then you get involved with the Watergate investigation. I actually remember watching you on TV. On the evening of June 17 to receive a call from mr. Recruiter -- You have a theory about Nixon and what the break in was all about when we look back at Nixon's political career. Into the national elections he was beaten by the Democrats. Who had a documented. Howard Hughes money going to Donald Nixon to president's brother there's. Lot of evidence and memos. Of people working for Nixon trying to see if they could get into -- -- -- behind Greenspan unsafe. Who happen to be the make a -- manager and owner of Las Vegas Sun. So your view is that. Because these use money that went to Nixon's brother. Nixon's team put together this. We ended up calling on the plumbers unit and these are the people there were operating all the way through in Watergate was just the latest admitted I think that's exactly right you were there. First person to subpoena. A president of the United States what were you thinking as you walked into the White House. I felt that I had to be neutral. I shouldn't be gloating. I I should not think that considering this payback and I just tried to wash my mind. Any thoughts of vengeance or vindictiveness and did you -- that. I did very business -- -- in -- and the total reserves the papers right and I -- I didn't say a word and unfortunately guy that was with me. He pulled the -- document out of his inside pocket. And handed it to the one garment and some of the other -- Legal figures. And it was a copy of the United States constitution and he said you guys should read this at some point. And I thought it was so cheap and so cheesy. It's called the investigator fifty years of uncovering the truth -- -- was a fun read because this is. The last fifty years of American history -- -- -- a little British history as well thanks very much for joining thank you for vitamins in response fund. And thank you for joining us to for Yahoo! power players and ABC news I'm David -- Thanks for joining.

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{"id":22471241,"title":"'Reality Is Not Available For Sale': An Investigator's Mission to Protect the Truth","duration":"3:00","description":"Terry Lenzner remembers his role in the civil rights movement, Watergate, and Princess Diana's death.","url":"/GMA/video/reality-sale-investigators-mission-protect-truth-22471241","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}