New Reality Series Explores Life With a Transgender Parent

"Becoming Us" follows a teen boy's journey as his father transitions from Charlie to Carly.
3:30 | 06/08/15

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Transcript for New Reality Series Explores Life With a Transgender Parent
Test Text1 underline The kardashians and jenners are not the only ones coming to terms with their father's transition. A new docu-series, "Becoming us" shows the struggle with the same questions. Reporter: Caitlin Jenner's headline making reveal last week captured the nation's attention. How many people waste a life because they never deal with themselves to be who they are? Reporter: A ground-breaking moment. I'm the new Normal. Reporter: If you think it's only celebrities and their families, think again. Last year, my parented ended up telling me they were getting divorced. Then they told me that my dad wanted to become a woman. And, I was like -- huh? I'm Carly. Used to be Charlie. Now I'm Carly. Reporter: Their story is told in the new docu-series, "Becoming us." The story follows Ben's journey as he draples with his dad's transition. I'm going the have surgery. How does it make you feel? Even more -- Reporter: It's unprecedented territory for family viewing. I hope there's message of acceptance. Of undering that universally, we're all kind of the same. Reporter: Ben was 13 years old when Carly revealed she was transgendered. How did that hit you? It was like my dad died. Seeing my dad as a new stranger that I have known for so long. Reporter: As they transition together, viewers see family bond that seems ultimately unbreakable. I always said, you're not losing me at all. I'm not going anywhere. Who knew my dad would become a woman at the same time I was become mang? Reporter: For "Good morning America," juju Chang, ABC news, Chicago. And we're join bdty stars of "Becoming us" Carly and Ben lehwald. Thank you for being here. Why did you want to share your story with the world. It's a brave thing to do? Mgts I did it for my son. He had the idea to do it. And, um, my hat was kind of off to him. I told him up front I would do it. Soy was committed. And Ben, we saw when you were 13, obviously you struggled immensely with your father's decision. Here you are at 17 now. How did you make the transition, accepting your dad's transition? It took a lot of time. It was just -- it was rough for a period of time. I was confused. I was feeling all these emotions. But, it just took time. We got used to it. Did you get support at school? How was the reaction from your friends? They were all very supportive. They're all great people. They're all, it's a very diverse community where I live. We're just very accepting and really open to stuff. Carly, I know, as a parent watching Ben struggle, what was the toughest part of it all? How did you get through snit. The conversation Ben and I had. A deep heart to heart in the car. It was, a lot of sadness. But look where you are now. Obviously, with Caitlin Jenner transitioning in front of the world on the cover of "Vanity fair," your story out now for people to watch and become accustomed to the transgender community, what do we need to snow? To understand? That's a big question. That's a good question. That we're Normal loving people. Just like everybody else. We deserve the same respect as even else. Very powerful yet simple answer. I like it the Carly, thank you, Ben, thank you. "Becoming us" premiers tonight on ABC family. A shoutout to my cardiac

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"\"Becoming Us\" follows a teen boy's journey as his father transitions from Charlie to Carly.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31609144","title":"New Reality Series Explores Life With a Transgender Parent","url":"/GMA/video/reality-series-explores-life-transgender-parent-31609144"}