Reality Television Going Too Far by Tying Contestants Together?

New show binds two strangers together to struggle for survival in a remote area.
2:53 | 09/30/14

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Transcript for Reality Television Going Too Far by Tying Contestants Together?
an extreme new reality show. Two strangers struggle for survival in a remote area. And here's the twist, they're tied together by a six-foot rope. And some are now questioning, as if they need to, has reality TV gone too far? Lindsey Davis is here with the story. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, Lara. Let's face it. Reality TV is in the own competition of pushing the envelope. This is not just about enduring the environment, but about the individual you are found for every weeking minute for nearly two weeks. Just when it seemed reality TV producers couldn't dream of anything more extreme than this. I'm naked in the land of venomous snakes. Reporter: Or this -- I didn't buy you a drink yet. Reporter: Look at this. Say good-bye to freedom. Reporter: Tethered has two strangers bound together with a six-foot rope as they try to survival in the world. We are contrasting people. See if we can make it work. Reporter: It's not enough to merely survive extreme circumstances like the first generation of reality TV. The tribe has spoken. The desire for something new, fresh. Consider the ante upped, the premise, six duos, Keith, the Navy vet, and willow, the free-spirited yogi. It a pain in the -- I would say it's being married to the worst woman you can think of. Reporter: Navigating challenging terrain and near-death experiences. But will this latest tactic be enough to rope in viewers who are harder to impress in the world of reality TV. This is a six-foot tether. Now that viewers are gravitating to scripted shows, they have to stand apart and generate a lot of buzz. Reporter: Nielsen ratings say that young TV viewers consume less reality and more scripted programming. Which means these days the reality show executive are playing their own game of survival. My partner doesn't want to get in the water. Reporter: ABC news, New York these daring duos are dropped with the tether, a basic premise, and the show premiers October 6 presideth. There's no prize. Satisfaction that you have survived is enough. That's crazy. There's a ball chain. Oh, my gosh. So, tether, that's Sunday night on discovery. We want to know what you think. Have reality shows gone too far? Tweet us using #socialsquare. Plus a big shakeup on

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"New show binds two strangers together to struggle for survival in a remote area.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25856999","title":"Reality Television Going Too Far by Tying Contestants Together?","url":"/GMA/video/reality-television-tying-contestants-25856999"}