Record Breaking Heat Causes Medical Concern Out West

Residents can expect record temperatures as high as of 130 degrees in places like Death Valley.
3:21 | 06/29/13

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Transcript for Record Breaking Heat Causes Medical Concern Out West
And this picture tells the story quite well. That's a melting elvis impersonator in las vegas. Fair to say he's all shook up? It is a fun shot. But these temps can be dangerous. Ginger zee has made her way to the hottest spot of the hot spots, death valley, california. Good morning, ginger. Good morning, paula and dan. And good morning, everybody. I don't know if you've been to death valley before. I had not until we arrived yesterday. It was still around 120 and the sun had just about to go down. Obviously, it's been down for a while. And it's 102. We're almost at the coolest part of the day. It's impressive until you say this goes past death valley. It's always hot here. We'll get the numbers for yesterday. Either tied or records broken. Death valley, 125. 108 in redding. Vegas was a tie at 115. The others broken. Salt lake city, 105. Flagstaff, up to 96. Very impressive numbers. It's going to be beyond numbers. Now, it's about how dangerous this heat is. Overnight -- dehydration. A lot of people going to the first aid tent. treated for heat-related injuries. Ice cold water. Reporter: On the strip, record heat tied at 115. We found michael hydrating. Mr. T. Shading and a storm trooper strategizing. I don't stand in the sun. As soon it gets right there, I'm gone. Inside here, it's like 125. Reporter:120 in the head? We decided it wasn't hot enough in las vegas. So, we're leaving and going to death valley. This weekend, death valley will get to 130 degrees. The last time it was this hot, almost 100 years ago. Lectia juarez said, it was so hot, our temperature gauge couldn't keep up. Keep the water handy. To drink it often. Reporter: Near phoenix, they're going door-to-door to make sure the seniors there are air-conditioned. Around the corner, inmates are cooling off with popsicles and cool towels. Animals at the phoenix zoo, making the best of the misters. In salt lake city, elephants were happily hosed down. And look at this. A family of wild bobcats beating the heat in a shadey tucson yard. Even taking an adorable dip in a makeshift kitty pool. Let me show you the temperatures we can expect today. Here we're getting close to 130. 117 in las vegas. 110, palm springs. Phoenix, 119. Tucson, 113. This is not a one-day deal. That's why you call it a heat wave. It goes for day after day. And look at the numbers to start the workweek. We're watching death valley, 139. Vegas stays at 117. That's going to be dangerous. The cops and the hospital workers are prepped and ready. And extreme heat goes to the northwest, too. It does not just stop in the southwest. Boise, 100 today. Spokane, 90. I will have much more in your

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{"id":19531341,"title":"Record Breaking Heat Causes Medical Concern Out West","duration":"3:21","description":"Residents can expect record temperatures as high as of 130 degrees in places like Death Valley.","url":"/GMA/video/record-breaking-heat-medical-concern-west-19531341","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}