Witherspoon Arrest, Kardashian Divorce Draw Buzz

Larry Hackett discusses stories that have been making headlines recently.
3:22 | 04/22/13

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Transcript for Witherspoon Arrest, Kardashian Divorce Draw Buzz
Plain extraordinary." ♪ Everybody talks everybody talks ♪ "heat index" time. Reese witherspoon's arrest, kim kardashian's divorce. Let's talk to larry hackett. Welcome back. Great work on friday. I want to thank my staff. They got great stuff. A pleasure to share. Friday morning, reese witherspoon. Tough words for the police officer. And overnight, an apology. I love that. She stepped up, she said, I was wrong, it was terrible. She stepped up. You know the police report is ing to come out. The detail in the report is pretty damning. They should teach that in celebrity school, ban the essential answer the, do you know who I am? Her coming up and saying, i was bad, it was wrong. Full apology. No room for -- if you don't do that, it lingers and lingers. Now, it's done. A human situation. Even is see it, know she stood up. You can ups this is upsetting. You know what is th means. No lasting damage? No, not at all. Is there kim kardashian, finally a divorce settlement? Time finally she and kris humphries are done. I guess they decided they wanted to stop paying lawyers. The details are not out. He wanted an annulment. He did not get it. She's about to have kanye west's baby. She's pregnant. Why didn't he get the annulment? Hgave up. They were married for awhile. 72 days. A lifetime. Even for may fly, that's a long time. We have just seen pictures of them for awhile. There's a marriage version of the five-second rule. You drop something on the floor. Which speaks to why maybe he should have stuck around for the a annulment? Nicole is okay. Thanking them for the help and the support. It's one of those things. Oh, my gosh. It hurts. I can tell you firsthand, it hurts. Oh, oh! Oh! Why? It hurts to watch it. But you give them credit? I do. Anybody that stood on the diving board and backs off, poes what this is like. Lara, there are no small accidents. No, there are not -- and the higher you go, this ten-hereto platform is 33 feet up. Even a slight miscalculation. You're going to be very bruised. That is three stories. She's eight there on the seven-meter platform. It's like landing on cement. They have guts. Larry, thank you. Okay, larry. Sizzling in our heat index is new hot hollywood

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{"id":19014693,"title":"Witherspoon Arrest, Kardashian Divorce Draw Buzz","duration":"3:22","description":"Larry Hackett discusses stories that have been making headlines recently.","url":"/GMA/video/reese-witherspoon-arrest-kim-kardashian-kris-humphries-divorce-19014693","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}