'Girls Trip' stars had to do over many scenes because they were laughing

The new comedy's stars Regina Hall and Tiffany Haddish dish on how much fun they had on set.
4:31 | 07/18/17

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Transcript for 'Girls Trip' stars had to do over many scenes because they were laughing
Tiffany haddish. "Variety" is calling you the comediennes to watch. Catch a rising star. Already an established star and rising star, side-by-side, "Girls trip." "Girls trip." Yes. "Girls trip." New movie "Girls trip" with queen latifah. It's got Jada Pinkett Smith who is in this scene has a gift for the girls so why don't we take a little look right here. Bam. Look like a bedazzler threw up on that thing. What? This is very fashionable. Up to date and it's very retro. How about we save it for the last night. Of our lives? No. Donate it to the my little pony motorcycle club. I laughed. Thank you, Regina. Thank you, Tiffany, for bringing joy -- how difficult was it to keep a straight face with this one right here? Oh, god, you know. Listen. I didn't know Tiffany before this and now I'll never forget her. So it was -- but you know what -- that is -- she embodied the energy that we needed on "Girls trip" so we laughed. There were a lot of takes we had to do over but it was worth it. We had fun. A lot of improv. I was sitting in my hotel room and I was like what can I do to make them laugh tomorrow? What can I do to make Regina cry so I would write up all kind of stuff and be like, Malcolm, I came with a few ideas. Can I bring them? Go ahead. I don't remember you asking. We were just like -- I would ask while y'all wasn't looking. Okay, okay. Trying to kiss up. I always ask permission. Yes. Like we're believing that. No, we're not. No, we're not. What was it like for you because these -- I mean, Regina, I just look at you. Your sheer force -- you're a force of nature in your work. Queen latifah, Jada, what was it like for you, you have admired from afar and to be working alongside them. Girl, I remember trying to get my best friend's sister to get us into he movies because we was too young to be up in there and we would sneak into like -- I remember we snuck -- didn't you do "Mali booty." To remind you. And I remember being like, ooh, I want to work with them. I want them to be my friends. I want to hang out with them and putting it on the goalies and, boom, years later I'm getting the opportunity to work with these women. I used to wake up every woman and be like -- I'm so excited! Just think about it. You know, I think the reason why I enjoyed it so much and the whole theater was cracking up while they were watching it and thinking about people, like there's some girls trips here. People come here that they're -- Yeah. All girls trip. What is it about it? Tell people about the movie. Four women who knew each other way back when. Life gets in the way and your character brings them back together in New Orleans of all places. New Orleans was great. It was a perfect city. I just, you know, we don't get to see women have fun. We see men have fun. We see women wait at home. We see, you know, there's always an apology when we have fun. When we do something there's -- it's like we're kind of apologiziing for it. These women, there are no apologies. You know. We're grown. We ready. We ready. Yes. We love that and, you know, it's for all women and, you know, we certainly don't get to see African-American women act like this so, you know, but the message and the themes are universal. Yeah, they 'Nate with so many people. You know what, I am just so happy, so happy that you all four brought this together and it's something that we don't see enough on the screen and the way that you represent and just bring us such joy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Thank you! "Girls trip," they're on their best behavior. This is the morning version. This is great. Opens nationwide on Friday.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"The new comedy's stars Regina Hall and Tiffany Haddish dish on how much fun they had on set. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48692258","title":"'Girls Trip' stars had to do over many scenes because they were laughing","url":"/GMA/video/regina-hall-tiffany-haddish-dish-girls-trip-48692258"}