Remembering the Victims of the Connecticut Shooting

Hundreds pack local churches in Newtown, Conn. for prayer vigils honoring victims.
1:53 | 12/15/12

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Transcript for Remembering the Victims of the Connecticut Shooting
As we just heard, the names of the victims will be released later this morning, including all those children. Praying for them last night, this community, hundreds packed into churches. We're going to go to amy robach who has more on the victims. You were at the hospital all day yesterday. It has been a difficult scene for everyone involved, from the first responders to the firefighters. It's almost impossible to imagine the horrific reality that so many people are waking up to this morning. That what happened here less than 24 hours ago, actually happened. And this morning, we are learning more about the teachers and the children inside that school, who so tragically lost their lives. Distraught family and friends came together to mourn, to cry and to remember the 27 lives lost here in newtown, connecticut. I'm so sorry. Reporter: Overnight, we learned from those lost, among them, 47-year-old dawn. And victy soto, a first grade teacher, whose first instinct was to protect her students, throwing herself in the line of fire. 20 of 27 victims were students at sandy hook elementary. 20 children. And now, 20 families mourn precious lives lost too soon. This scouring event, will be with us and them for years and years to come. Reporter: And across the country, america mourns. As parents try to explain how a nightmare became a reality. You know, your child does not have have to been at the scene of this tragedy to be traumatized. Seeing or hearing the images on the screen are traumatic enough. If you have an older child, make sure you're talking to them about how they're feeling.

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{"id":17982923,"title":"Remembering the Victims of the Connecticut Shooting","duration":"1:53","description":"Hundreds pack local churches in Newtown, Conn. for prayer vigils honoring victims.","url":"/GMA/video/remembering-victims-connecticut-shooting-17982923","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}