Rep. Steve Scalise among those shot at Virginia park: Reports

Police are investigating a shooting at a park in Alexandria, Virginia, this morning, and initial law enforcement reports indicate that Rep. Steve Scalise, R-Louisiana, was among those shot.
17:45 | 06/14/17

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Transcript for Rep. Steve Scalise among those shot at Virginia park: Reports
This is an ABC news special. George Stephanopoulos. Good morning we're coming on the air right now because there are early reports of the shooting at a park in Alexandria Virginia where members of congress are playing baseball. Here's some video right now showing police coming in on the scene. That is the they're the helicopters coming and reports of a shooting one report that the gunman's don't wanna get all the latest first from our senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas. When George we're trying to get additional information from law enforcement and rescue officials again. There were reports about a possible shooting at this baseball practice. Again we don't have additional details at this point but we are making additional calls. Trying to get some information. But based on that helicopter there there's something going on at that part we're just trying to get additional details to. Our congressional correspondent Mary Bruce as well in May there are some tweets for members of congress. Suggesting that a high ranking member of congress seems to EC might have been shot. Get dark and again we're just seeing these reports coming in which members may have been injured we are still. Working or members of congress of course art art learning about it's just our. Now there are several rectal fall fall and all he's in the area uniquely. A great team building opportunity a chance for lawmakers expect them down pat the other side at all but congress. Up but a court this morning being debated on how to practice your went terribly terribly wrong. You know one of the trees coming in from senator tae young reports the my former house colleague Steve squeeze has been shot and others injured as well praying for them. And there's Sam was on other Ben Childers as well an eyewitness who is on the scene what did you see. Until I was sitting in my apartment this morning and heard shot. I'm in random fares because we've stalled think rational numbers running off the field. There were three members that would kind of headed over toward our apartment that we ran down and DN got them into our apartment inflicted. Shelter in place. They also that beat Philly today Dotson was on the ground of the baseball field. You know they did. Fact if there are a couple of mornings a week but alas you couple months eatery where there baseball game but to think it is. Tomorrow. So Ben. Proto so Ben what what time was this when you brought to members of congress in your apartment. What you decide what time what time was this when you brought the members of congress in your apartment. I wanna say maybe 71572. Wanting. I don't have I don't look at my phone to you an act. I'm not clear that how and you know which members of congress soon. You are talking to. I'm not sure that would be appropriate. To say who they were there were. Yeah. But you're confident they were members of congress are confident they were practicing in that park and they told you. Reconnaissance police he had been injured. I can confirm it yet they're definitely member of the congress because we call their often didn't work article other he does not let them know that they are okay. I can confirm that they were practicing baseball for the got over there to talk to them other than property big ball over the applicable weakened. And I confirmed that they said bat and beat the lead. Was. Lane on the ground. And be we're not able to fable that not you know he was. Not yet passed away on a helicopter did just that I'm coming I'm pick up the light like somebody out but we're not sure that this matter. Do you do you know if anyone else was injured. I don't know anybody who's been injured. OK well then Childress thank you very much and you're saying you're you're saying just we're seeing another helicopter coming right now. I'm so a helicopter came in about fifty minutes ago and then won just touched down. I didn't see anybody get into it and in La. Okay eventually there's thanks very much for that information as commander Cecilia Vega at the White House learning anything Cecilia. Well no response yet from the White House George but here's that we do of the Alexandria police have tweeted that they believe a suspect is in custody they are warning people. To stay away from the area asking people to let emergency vehicles through you can see that police presence right there. On the scene the big concern police say right now is getting assistance to the victims that are on that see George this is about seven and a half miles away from the White House. In Alexandria Virginia a number of people in Washington live in commute it live in that area commute into this city. Congressman Adam Schiff was just a saying in interviews he had heard. Directly about this incident but that he is extending his prayers and of course he is this is for him in for of course many members of congress. Bringing back horrible memories from 2001. When Gabby Giffords was shot of course we don't know what is happening on the scene but that is a very real. Fear for members of congress right now. And and George we are waiting for these details to come and we know that this congressional baseball game for which we're told these members of congress for practicing. Took is to take place on Saturday so it wouldn't be a usual. For them to be playing and practicing this early in the morning before they had to work out here on the hill again not that far away from washing. It is an annual traditional bring back Mary Bruce as well merry Steve sleaze the number three ranking Republican in the house of represented is right behind the speaker of the house. Paul Ryan and the leader Kevin McCarthy. It is going to court in the GOP whip Dick key member of Republican leaders locked in there. Effective speaker and and other Republican leadership at all of these events. In a key player in every meter Republican fight or. Last. During his administration he's act topic president up on the hill with a key airport in ink in the health care battle from the you know we are awaiting any responses you can leadership at that point. Yeah and has the whip your the first response forgetting those close of one as well connected throughout. The house of represented as one of the Becker senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas for more on this any any indication. About motive here who the gunman may have been. George is unclear whether this is street crime or something else but we do have information that the FBI. Has arrived on the scene that has not typical the FBI would arrive on the scene for any sort of generic street crime so. Obviously there's concern that the congressman may have been the target. Of this alleged gunman so again we're getting additional information but we're being told that the FBI has arrived on the scene cross are reaching out to Homeland Security officials would. Who who are trying to get additional information. Looking pierce stay on them meantime I want to go back just to see Cicely you've gotten some comment from the white house Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Wilson George shot his tweeting saying that both that president trump and vice president hence are aware of the developing situation in Virginia and I wanna quote here. Our thoughts and prayers are with all affected so clearly this is something that the White House. Is monitoring very closely as I mentioned this is not that far away from the White House and again. You know and a number of GOP congressional members expected to be what what we believe were out there practicing for the spacewalk. And I want to bring back Mary Bruce for more on this matter we've seen other attacks on the capital as well most of them thwarted. Senior members of congress the very most senior members of congress do have some security usually their drivers but unclear and ending you wouldn't expect. There were necessarily be security on the scene there for practice and a baseball game. Absolutely they do have security but again it did I outside our compound did it I believe that more residential area baseball practice. This is not you know we're surrounded by the normal capitol police that are present in in the congressional building. In the capital itself so. That we got past security unclear at this point you know how much with and I get an early morning the Albrecht and you know at Rite Aid package tradition here on capital there are many of these congressional feet off if they really up on Albert's. A lawmaker to spend some time to get her out I don't all of the congress. And believe that this has turned into quite a tragic incidents. You have to does he just turning or do reports of a shooting in a Virginia park Alexandria Virginia this senior member of congress congressman Steve squeeze has been shot I want to bring day go to our Bruce. An FBI analyst Brad Garrett former FBI especially as we just learned from peer Brad FBI and the scene right now what's the first thing they're gonna do. Welcome make sure Giorgio we have one sugar. You know the biggest concerns you and I have several times when you have kidding. If they contain forward you have other events that have been planned by other people that may be coordinated with the shooter so. It's going to be in the real key to start work then obviously the very very. Quickly it is in the picture you've got medical emergency medical personnel and paramedics to me that handle people seriously and mightily injured. Yet we've seen overseas as you and I have talked about this before we've seen overseas. Incidents where there are multiple attacks in multiple areas so far this does seem. To be contained. It does it it felt like a lone shooter. At an event. We're gonna guess obviously it's got to be some targeting here that the apparently EG GOP folks together. But you know. Voting this sort of secondary right now primary is it saying this scene make sure doesn't expand beyond what they have in front of them and treat the people. And get a get it all contained OK Brad Garrett. Thanks very much I wanted to one who quickly back did back to Pierre Thomas what more can you tell us about who's responding at this moment. Again we know that the Alexander police are on scene we're also being told that the FBI's on scene again that is unusual. They don't typically respond to local crime this way obviously there's great concern. That the congressman may have been targeted again we don't know motive yet but the FBI is on the scene investigating vigorously. Mary Mary Bruce only get you back on the phone as well right now in you know we just talking to brag get a but the possibility of other takes no indication of that at all right now but can you tell us you know of any. Any activity in the capital now any alerts going out to members of congress their offices any extra security precautions being taken. George mental part of we've seen but I wouldn't act at will I bet the capital. This information is coming in every one trying to figure out what is going on and on heightened alert but I would not deprive. An expert at your on capital bill that. It is a busy time at the capitol right now congress just back after its Memorial Day. Break is as Mary are saying they're practicing for this baseball game a lot of going on. At the capitol on health care dealing with the various other matters before the congress for an who's seen all of these hearings. Also on Russia and and terrorism. But but but merry talk a little bit more again nothing being done. Right now but in in recent months and years the kind of security precautions being put in at the capitol. Since we see is seen is since. Post nine elevenths and these other incidents they capital all they all the visitors go through metal detectors. Yet all visitor document all the record they're tired at mile hike back to secure help round. Over the last year in order to get as close as they are you have to goes through. Patten acted like it your all facts are heard all. People are expected to do those metal detector MM that the press every morning would be doing George you know your credential after it was group. Through bags are packed it looked at carefully and we mention again that. And other leaders court grapple with their own security even with all congress popping you know. The leaders walking back toward our profit before they are only surrounded by their personal you know this well they'll. If they very you know it is an eight building that it stepped up security in the last few here again remain I think about it quote. Security was with those lawmakers this morning and happy off field. Some say a White House being kept up today. I George they are the president the vice president are monitoring the situation closely I can tell you it seems it's business as usual here at the White House typical level of security outside the grounds vacancy right over the fence here. But George I do want to. Read she Ewing interview that representative Mo Brooks from Alabama just did. On CNN and he described what he saw during this baseball game some pretty. Frightening deet tails coming in right now he says that he was on deck out to hit batting practice on the third base side. He heard he looked around behind third base at in the dugout he saw a rifle. And he saw a little bit of a body I want to read this quote to you at the same time I hear Steve's Phillies over the air near second base green he was shot. Brooke says he took off his belt and another congressman applied it tourniquet on the congressman to try to slow down that bleeding. Brooks says that the gone with semi automatic again I want to say this is an interview that he just did on CNN. He said that this is this that is sick a security detail it appears perhaps of congressional members. Shot back at the active shooter they do not know if the shooter was killed. And they say there were about a fifty to 100 shots fired. According to Brooks at least five people were wounded that does include. Congressman's release of Louisiana. He says to law enforcement officers. Oh wait didn't did not know one of that was local police or Secret Service this interview is you know. Just coming in these details are very fresh start and we do want to caution of course that that we always say in the middle this breaking news this news is very fluid. But this is from a congressman Mo Brooks who was on the scene describing some. Harrowing details that took place on that baseball. He'll his mornings or fifty to 100 such as you say dissolved is developing it probably started unfolding about an hour go online go back appear thomas' long period here we're getting some reports as well. That it two officers firms. Congress whose polices protective detail were also shot. Correct. Not only with the congressman shot according to our sources but. Two members of the security breach protected each other was on scene perhaps injured as well. Again fluid situation but the number of shots potentially fired here is causing great concern the notion that a rifle was also perhaps use in this attack. Again law enforcing officials descending on that scene FBI. There trying to get additional information. There is some information that the suspect. Apparently is in custody. And that the situation. Is contained but obviously great to great concern about what happened to we're doing and end. It is clear from the volume of the shots urgency is clear booted this would give some indication this is something that had some forethought. Exactly doors are also you have the potential of returned fire. From the security tell that was there are so that might explain the number of shots involved. But but clearly law enforcement officials. All over this they need to know as much as they can about the suspect as Brad Garrett mentioned. Are there additional people that were in support of this act is of the random crime of some sort but again. The fact of the FBI's on the scene investigating so quickly suggests that there is great concern that the congressman we're target. And Brad Garrett they mean yes that we know that this is a park as new as we learn from one of the eyewitnesses Ben Childers where the members of congress have been practicing. Fairly regularly. Brad. Al ansari dirge yes I'm here it is can he got here think about your thing this is not going to be random. He knew that that group of GOP we're going to be there. He obviously got along none of some sort under the guest at least semi automatic George state remember shocked fire. Keep in mind whatever law enforcement might be their local police. May be at the eighty capitol police in plainclothes. You know they're gonna have handguns and some guy shows up look like an AK 47. Or they are fifteen. They're not going to be able to compete with them and then they going to survival mode and that's what many countries situation the police could shop. Everybody that's in there that's what we will we heard from a car progression the interview he's given you is basically saying this was pistol vs rifle. Exactly been in it it is just one other thing this kind of like you know take your micro gunfights to a certain extent. And to law enforcement they used trying to protect but they're also charges that there are a lot because you know an obvious thing in a normal thing for any invested it. And Cecilia Vega we are getting more from cars and Brooks. Well it George just to recap what he's saying right now I mean I would we just need to go through some of these. Five people could have been wounded. As you said essentially at at at bringing an end knife to got a gun fight were rightful vs a shot percent of climatic vs at a pistol. Five to a hundred shots fired. At this baseball dining he describes a shooter inside a cylinder block dug out. The congressman Brooks was at that. It and it hurt this shots fired. He then hurt his colleagues. Representatives released green. They say he was shot I mean imagine this George two members of congress then rushing to his side to apply attorney hit. On this congressman to try to stop the bleeding. Semi automatic weapon was used they say that security. And as we know from Alexandria police from between that they put out earlier this morning that suspect is to be believed to be an. In custody no official word on that suspect's condition yet and again George just a caution no official word from police on the condition of any of the victim. Hell confirmation on whether in fact any of those victims are. Members of congress but this of course is coming from one member of congress himself represented of Mo Brooks who says at least five people wounded out there this morning. Fifty to 100 shots fired.

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{"duration":"17:45","description":"Police are investigating a shooting at a park in Alexandria, Virginia, this morning, and initial law enforcement reports indicate that Rep. Steve Scalise, R-Louisiana, was among those shot.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48028130","title":"Rep. Steve Scalise among those shot at Virginia park: Reports","url":"/GMA/video/rep-steve-scalise-shot-virginia-park-reports-48028130"}