Reported 18 Tornadoes Tear Through Midwest

Updates on the deadly twisters touching down throughout the heartland.
3:41 | 05/10/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Reported 18 Tornadoes Tear Through Midwest
We begin with that tornado emergency. Deadly twisters tear through the center of the country destroying everything in their path. Look at that in Oklahoma right now. People are posting photos of the damage on social media. You see some of that and ABC's kayna Whitworth is on the scene in wynnewood, Oklahoma with the latest. Good morning, kayna. Reporter: The damage is extensive. Behind me, this home, the enfound foundation blown off. Everything that this family this is now gone. Now, so far there have been two deaths reported in this violent tornado outbreak. The national weather service saying they have seen at least 21 tornadoes touching down in five different states. Oh, god. Look at the house. Oh, I hope those people are under. Ground. Oh, my god. Reporter: Overnight deadly twisters decimating parts of the heartland. That's a violent tornado. Oh, my god. That's the most violent motion I have -- oh, my god. Reporter: Officials declaring a tornado emergency. Oh, no. It's hitting that farm. No. Come on. Be okay. Reporter: In Oklahoma, the funnel clouds picking up anything and everything in their path. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Look at that. Reporter: You can see power lines igniting as the terrifying winds start ripping them from the ground. Those tornadoes taking the life of at least two people. That's a tree. Reporter: Trees uprooted. It's throwing tees. Reporter: You can see them thrown hundreds of feet in the air. Reporter: This man peering out of his house and then getting thrown from his front door. Picked me up and threw me against that tree and I just held on. Reporter: Winds up to 80 miles an hour, obliterating homes. Knocking tractor trailers to their sides and tossing private planes like toys. Oh, my god. Reporter: It wasn't just tornadoes wreaking havoc. In Nebraska -- Through the plywood and water into the attic. Reporter: First responders called to the scene after a person reportedly lost consciousness after being pelted in the head with hail. We spoke with the local police chief who says at least 12 homes have been damaged or destroyed. And now this morning it's up to the national weather service, they'll be out here shortly to determine the strength of these tornadoes. Robin. All right, kayna, thank you. We turn to rob with more on where the storms and tornadoes are heading. Good morning, rob. Good morning. This is a multiday event. Two areas of concern. The energy from yesterday's system is pushing off into the Ohio river valley where we see the greatest threat. From paducah to Lexington and mostly hail here and tomorrow we expand it with another piece of energy dropping out of the rockies. Wichita falls, Oklahoma City and St. Louis, big swath tomorrow. Want to go back to the video of this damaging tornado in wynnewood, Oklahoma. Look at the speed with which that debris is flying around. This has a lot more velocity. You see this farm being blown apart. The 2x4s being thrown in the air and 150 miles an hours or greater, it's a multivortex tornado meaning there are little tornadoes spinning around the main vortex. There you see one. There you see another. It amplifies the velocity of those winds. When this is mature the full funnel, you can't see those little vortices spinning around and the next piece of video shows it. You can't see it but you can sure those are wreaking havoc as it moves across I-35. An incredible tornado. So powerful. Tossing trees like weeds. Man, okay, rob, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"Updates on the deadly twisters touching down throughout the heartland.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39001771","title":"Reported 18 Tornadoes Tear Through Midwest","url":"/GMA/video/reported-18-tornadoes-tear-midwest-39001771"}