Restaurant Destroyed by Sandy Temporarily Relocates

Jakeabob's Bay was destroyed by Sandy and has temporarily relocated nearby, becoming a community cen
2:47 | 10/29/13

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Transcript for Restaurant Destroyed by Sandy Temporarily Relocates
This right here would have been the door. To come into the building right here one of them CDC the -- so this is a bar. There is tables here tables all around here. Back here was my office. Over there's a kitchen. For fourteen years -- Bob's on the -- was the place in union -- -- -- Where you'd meet for a few years on the deck and -- -- the rat race that was going on across debate in New York City sandy. Ripped apart -- that oasis in 2012. Now the only thing it's good for. Stirring sweet memories into bitter reality that the place may never reopen for owner -- door. I try not to drive by so much could it -- It hurts because -- frustrated with her insurance company trying to define exactly what crushed. -- livelihood what they've said to me is it was a win. But the -- -- loses surge the -- as wind and water which is how Lloyd's of London justified cutting her checked for less than 101000 dollars. Gigi is fighting for a full claim. But she's not waiting around to get back to business. Welcome to -- -- off the -- a few blocks inland from the original. Services. This my buddy Carl there was one of the house's it was if this happens on -- -- -- half -- On news he reflected icon house so this is their door. And from there she takes -- past every table in her new place. Each made from the door of one of the house's flattened by sandy. Doors open in angels in poorer areas. Doors open at -- and what why don't we do when on the go around his endorsement telling -- -- tables and she knows the story behind. Chuan came and -- just -- in the Iran brook avenue. House because that -- I know all these years you know all we -- these stories and they are. Sometimes that I'm proud that I no it isn't this like I said this is our story this is are just about. On the surface it looks like -- is making the recovery. But business is slow for -- town where some 400 families. Still don't have a permanent place called home and just to build a temporary place. But all these memories in the town a place to grow closer. It's no Jacob -- on the bed and the GG it's not correct. Not -- You know we're fighting for our lives -- -- -- -- ABC news union beach New Jersey.

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{"id":20710866,"title":"Restaurant Destroyed by Sandy Temporarily Relocates","duration":"2:47","description":"Jakeabob's Bay was destroyed by Sandy and has temporarily relocated nearby, becoming a community cen","url":"/GMA/video/restaurant-destroyed-sandy-temporarily-relocates-20710866","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}