13 Things Restaurants Won't Tell You

Secrets to eating healthy and reducing how much you eat when dining out.
3:39 | 05/27/13

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Transcript for 13 Things Restaurants Won't Tell You
And now, to our special series with "reader's digest." Look at that gorgeous cover girl there, robin roberts. It's 13 things the experts won't tell you. Beckley worley decodes the secrets of our favorite restaurants. How they get you to eat more and pay more for it. Reporter: Eating out. No shopping, chopping or cleanup. But remember, this place is a business. And they use a few tricks to make a profit off you. When you walk into a restaurant, you can tell right away what their strategy is by listening to the music. ♪ loud, fast-pace? Studies show it makes us chew faster. And it's a clear sign that the restaurant wants you to eat quickly so they can get you out the door. More diners equals more dollars. ♪ on the other hand, slow, soft music means the restaurant wants you to settle in and order a lot. We spend 40% more when listening to this type of music. Yes, I would like another glass. It's delightful. And speaking of wine, do you know which bottle on the wine list has the highest markup? The second-cheapest. Restaurants know we don't want to look chintzy ordering the cheapest. This bottle on the menu is often three-times to four-times its wholesale cost. One slightly more expensive might be a better wine. Are you marking a healthydash? You'll spend more. Diners ordered 30% more food, appetizers, sides, desserts, when they ordered a healthy entree. That means more calories and a higher bill. Eat less, spend less and bon appetit. For "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, san francisco. "Reader's digest," editor in chief and the author of "the digest diet," the dining out guide, liz vaccariello is here. I love that the secrets that you're sharing with us, in addition to some of the tips we saw in the piece, you say where you sit in the restaurant makes a difference about how much you eat? The digest diet talks about fat increasers. If you're in an uncomfortable chair, you're sub consciously rushing your food. That's interesting. And your other tip, you can tailor your dish at almost every restaurant. You can be that picky patron. You can be that person. You go to a family restaurant, the portions are humongous. It's no problem to ask for half of your entree to go. Any sandwich can be made a salad. Skip the french fries and the hash backgrounds. Boston market, we love the chicken. If you take the skin off, you save 100 calories. Your other tip is to spice up your food. Red pepper contains a fat releaser. And that boosts our metabolism and makes us drink more water. Or more margaritas. I have a pizza, I pour red pepper on it. And dab it to get the oil off. Thank you for the tips we can is memorial day, with the barbecues that are firing up right now. Liz vaccariello. And coming up, giving back.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"Secrets to eating healthy and reducing how much you eat when dining out.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19264154","title":"13 Things Restaurants Won't Tell You","url":"/GMA/video/restaurants-eat-19264154"}