Ringling Brothers Circus Accident Caught on Video

Eleven people were taken to the hospital after acrobats and the show’s centerpiece crashed to the floor.
4:26 | 05/05/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ringling Brothers Circus Accident Caught on Video
Right too that terrifying circus accident at a ring brothringling brothers show. Gio Benitez is there. Good morning, gio. Reporter: One is in critical condition and like aerialists these women are called harialists. Thanking by their hair. Obviously the stunt went terribly wrong. It was a performance filled with magic and fantasy. The ring ling brothers legends show packed with nearly 4,000 people, families with children. Then just 45 minutes into the performance, a dramatic and horrifying turn. Just seconds after a curtain drops revealing acrobats hanging by their hair, eight young women falling about 35 feet, the circus says right on top of a dancer below. The heavy contraption holding them up giving way. Everybody thought that it was part of the act but then when they landed on the floor then, you know, they weren't moving. Reporter: The announcer qui quickly addressing the audience. Folk, please enjoy this intermission at this time while we situate ourselves during this accident. Thank you. You could tell the crane was heavy because it took ten guys, you could see them struggling to lift it from on top of the girls. It was unbelievable. Reporter: The seriesly injured performers were conscious during their rescue. Hospital officials saying they're treating a total of 11 patients. Now we've learned the act is one of the show's biggest centerpieces and as seen in this promotional video it's brand-new to the circus. We have the human chandelier. This is eight beautiful young ladies hanging suspended in the air by their hair. It's never been done anywhere in the world before. The women spin and hang from hoops only from their hair. According to the circus made strong enough by special vitamins and hair care. This morning, the circus and the Dunkin' donuts center in Providence promise a full investigation. But as they say in this business, the show must go on. And if it does go on tonight we're told there will be no aerialists. Robin. All right, gio, thank you. Joining us now from Washington is Steven Payne of Feld entertainment which owns the ring ling brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus. We appreciate your time this morning and first and foremost, how with the injured performers doing this morning? Well, as of last Nate we learned that all the performers are resting comfortably. Their injury, though serious, we did learn that they were not considered life-threatening so everyone with the greatest show on Earth is happy to hear that. Any idea at this point what went wrong? We're working with local Providence officials as well as the occupational safety and health administration to really find out what happened during this performance so we can make sure that all of our equipment is safe for all of our performers going forward. And this was a relatively new part of the act. Was there enough that was done prior to properly prepare them? Well, most of these performers have been doing an act of this nature for some time. This particular segment has been a part of this show since it started rehearsals in December of last year, so these aerialists have been doing this performance a dozen times a week since then. So they were really highly experienced really athletic, skilled. They knew what they were doing and it was just an unfortunate accident. In the meantime, what about the show? I know that the show this morning has been canceled. What about going forward? Correct. Well, the show was canceled and we canceled both yesterday. We're supposed to have a show at 7:00 P.M. And a decision on going forward with that will be made later this afternoon. The next engagement is in Hartford, Connecticut, and as of this morning all of those engagements, those scheduled performances will go on as planned. Ha can you do to assure family who is will bring their children to future performances about the safety of those that are performing? Well, this really was a freak accident, an unprecedented accident in our history so audiences that are coming to see the greatest show on Earth and can bring their families can rest assured we are doing everything to determine what happened yesterday to cause this unfortunate accident and everything we can do in the future to make sure it never happens again. Steven, thank you and give you are best to those injured. I will, thank you.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"Eleven people were taken to the hospital after acrobats and the show’s centerpiece crashed to the floor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23586789","title":"Ringling Brothers Circus Accident Caught on Video","url":"/GMA/video/ringling-brothers-circus-accident-caught-video-acrobats-show-23586789"}