Hi-Rise Inferno in Downtown Chicago

The fire broke out at the John Hancock Center, one of the country's tallest skyscrapers.
1:57 | 11/22/15

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Transcript for Hi-Rise Inferno in Downtown Chicago
happy when he talks about a big storm. Back to that situation in Chicago, right in the middle of that storm, a fire broke out at the Hancock center. And ABC's Phillip Mena is right there with the storm. Reporter: Darng, good morning. More than 1,000 people live in this building. The fire broke out on the 50th building just a few hours before Chicago's famous festival of lights took place where hundreds of thousands of people were gathered below. Oh, my god. Reporter: A fireball busting out the 50th floor windows of the Chicago's iconic Hancock building. The John Hancock center is one of Chicago's most visited tourist attractions and houses hundreds condominiums. Oh, my god. Reporter: Packed with tourists, flames broke out in the bedroom of the one residential unit. Passers by watching as smoke poured from the sky. We started going down and I had my scarf, I was covering my mouth. Reporter: Fiefrts say the accidental fire racing through the apartment in just minutes. The only person home an unnamed woman who was able to escape safely. But according to officials, first responders suffered minor injuries. We're getting reports of an officer down on the 50th floor. Reporter: This morning, all of the rooms on the 50th floor ordered to evacuate. That Chicago police offer who suffered smoke inhey lags was trying to warning residents. Dan. Phillip, thank you. We're going to send things over to Ron, including a terror

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{"duration":"1:57","description":"The fire broke out at the John Hancock Center, one of the country's tallest skyscrapers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35354321","title":"Hi-Rise Inferno in Downtown Chicago","url":"/GMA/video/rise-inferno-downtown-chicago-35354321"}