Toronto Mayor Refuses to Step Down: 'I'm Not an Addict'

Rob Ford's revelations about drug use made for a dramatic city council meeting.
3:05 | 11/14/13

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Transcript for Toronto Mayor Refuses to Step Down: 'I'm Not an Addict'
man who is the most embattled mayor right now, rob ford of toronto. Admitting smoking crack, buying drugs. The mayor allowed to keep his job at a stormy city council meeting yesterday. Ben joins us this morning. Reporter: Good morning, george. City council meetings rarely make national, let alone international headlines. But yesterday, all eyes were on toronto's city hall and the world's most talked about mayor, rob ford. And the spectacle did not disappoint. Mr. Mayor, have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years? Yes, I have. Reporter: If you thought that was the most awkward appearance of mayor rob ford's in front of city council, you would be wrong. Are you saying you have violated the council code of conduct? In what respect? I'm asking you a question, sir. In what respect? I'm asking you a question. Reporter: From denying reports he visited a crack house. Actually, you're not being truthful. I'm not being truthful? Have you been in that house? I have no interest being in that house. I'm not a crack user. Reporter: Distorting his colleagues insistence he step down and seek help. Have I done drugs? Yes, I have. It's self-inflicted. Will you get help? I'm not an addict of any sort. So, I'm not quite sure why you're saying I need help. Reporter: Ford was in full-on fighting form, repeatedly apologizing. I made a mistake. I'm human. Reporter: But not backing down. Absolutely not taking a leave of absence. Reporter: While it may seem the world is against him, his brother leapt to his defense. None of you have done anything wrong, ever? Ever. The question is, have you ever smoked marijuana? Have you ever smoked marijuana? Everyone should be careful about throwing rocks. I'm moving on. You guys can do what you want. I apologize again. I'm sorry. That's all I have to say. Not only is the mayor moving on. He told that council it was about the most gripping city council meeting I've ever seen. He's going to run and win re-election next year. His approval rating has jumped since the story first broke. What's going on with that? Well, his supporters known as ford nation, might not be what it used to be. In a recent poll, 76% of toron torontoenians said, they want him to take a leave or absence or leave altogether. He placed third for mayoral candidate that will take place next year, with about 20% of vote. Thanks for bringing us that. Now, to a lawsuit by an ohio

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{"id":20886053,"title":"Toronto Mayor Refuses to Step Down: 'I'm Not an Addict'","duration":"3:05","description":"Rob Ford's revelations about drug use made for a dramatic city council meeting.","url":"/GMA/video/rob-ford-crack-smoking-toronto-mayor-refuses-step-20886053","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}