Rob Riggle: Military Man Turned Comic

Actor Rob Riggle on the path that took him from U.S. Marine Corps Reserve to Hollywood.
3:52 | 05/31/13

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Transcript for Rob Riggle: Military Man Turned Comic
I I'm lieutenant colonel Robert -- United States marine corps of also comedian. And late night karaoke -- yes. I -- and find all of the join me now. -- -- was always a fan of comedy. As well as far back as I remember our allies in one of the first shows and when I was really young I was a late bloomer. So the strapping man you see before you wasn't always the case so I was very small and ended up. Haven't run for my life -- -- my mouth you know a lot of situations I think that's you know things can. I always wanted to serve my country oh there was always something I thought about thought about about plus wouldn't graduate. As a theater film major college. You're going to be a week. That's what you're gonna do so I had a choice top gun maybe or waiter. Reported three year old is pretty Joyce. Working my way through flight school and I realize that what's that -- those wings on I'm under contract with the Marines for eight years I knew that I wanted to try commoner. And I knew I didn't try and I would always -- I had to quit -- and I never quitting thing in my life. So it didn't sit well with -- So I went and I wrote down. And the book on the beaches Corpus Christi if I do this it's got to count it's got -- matter and what am I going to accomplish if I do this if -- flight school. The first thing I wrote down was on regional center. I just knew what I wanted roared down and ten years later September 20042. Wars later to three deployments later. Got a call from Lorne Michaels -- doing tests. Treats be exactly. I don't think anybody is just one thing. When I put on my Marines cover armory and marine officer -- act according. I -- I never wanna be a comedian marine because I'm leading marine. Less than wanna see you screwed around you know -- their lives the matter and it always mattered most to me is Paramount so anybody that I worked with one of the -- I was a professional. I don't however immaterial. But I -- from the Marines -- characters that I play in movies Alia. Everywhere you go in life you're gonna run in the jacket and you're gonna run into the -- and -- and and splurge in charge guys that think they know everything but there. -- And I would always studied those guys and and focus on them and really listen to the words they use in this. That mannerisms. I don't know if you they stripped of her thanks again I had fun playing Randy in step Brothers. Because he really aggressive and -- -- NC home Wednesday. He was the characters -- -- a lot. Please do you know there's there's things that aren't even in this group. But I would say just because I felt like he -- he said they're needed to be filler they're needed to be something. And so when -- hear this size and that like that like intensity. You know I'm just I'm just coaching Malone will be freed. I thought the script but we're having fun and because I get solicited for advice a lot from veterans. From young people from whatever you know and I get an idea -- -- the same thing. Aside what you want to go get it that's why we that's -- you defend this country it's the greatest country on earth. Because what you've done. With military -- you go pursue whatever your dream whatever your hope -- whatever desires whatever -- good act. Go for.

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{"id":19299749,"title":"Rob Riggle: Military Man Turned Comic","duration":"3:52","description":"Actor Rob Riggle on the path that took him from U.S. Marine Corps Reserve to Hollywood.","url":"/GMA/video/rob-riggle-comedian-us-marine-19299749","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}