Robin Roberts Accompanies Dr. Oz Into Surgery

"GMA" anchor joins the New York-Presbyterian doctor and TV personality for a behind-the-scenes look at saving someone's life.
4:26 | 06/26/14

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Transcript for Robin Roberts Accompanies Dr. Oz Into Surgery
When he's not giving out advice on his daytime talk show, Dr. Mehmet oz is a leading heart surgeon. He returns for tonight's award winning series, "New York med." It shows what really goes on behind the scenes. I had the rare opportunity to accompany Dr. Oz in the operating room. With my chest pounding and a stomach filled with nerves, I was on my way to witness a surgery and see a heart like I had never seen it before. My name is Marley. I am here to have my aortic valve replaced. Can I come bother you? Mehmet oz. It's a pleasure. Are you excited about this? I have good fate. I have faith in you. Faith in Dr. Williams. I'll be fine. What do you have to say to mom here? I'm a wreck. She'll be fine. I just need my mom. Thank you. Reporter: Here at New York presbyterian. Going to visit with Dr. Odds. Going to see him in action. It's a rare opportunity to get inside the O.R., the operating room. And seeing firsthand what goes on in there. What it all entails. The patient, the doctor, the nurses, the technicians, all coming together. You can't go into the O.R. Like this, street clubs. Got my scrubs. I had my own health issues in recent years. Some including surgery. But never have I been able to see it from this perspective. Ready to get in there. There she is. How are you? Thank you for this opportunity. Thank you for coming. This is the temple of the O.R. It's just your color. There you go. This is exactly what we see every day. And -- scrub first. The side, the end, and the bottom. Marlene's heart was stopped for 1:15 during surgery. We're almost done here. In about three minutes, we're going to turn the heart back on. Are you kidding me? I've got chills. Three minutes, the heart goes back on in three minutes. Guys, your blue off and red off. Red's off. Blue is on. This is a very, very important part of the operation. You get air in the heart, going to the brain, she'll have a stroke. Not bad. Watch the heart. This is the whole ball game here. This is when you grab the defeat of victory. Arms down. Now, we wait and pray. You never know until they wake up. Incredible. After five, long hours, she had two bypasses and her valve was replaced by a pig valve. I will never forget what I just saw. She's fine. You made me nervous this morning. I've been having chest pains. Just to caution you, she's not out of the woods until she wakes up. Has to come to her senses in the icu. My fear was her heart going to start back . What are you going to tell her before you see her? There's only one thing to say. I love you and I'm glad everything is over. They had to start her heart for over an hour. And to see it come back like that -- it's something I will never ever forget. She is recovering well. She just celebrated her 66th birth day a couple of weeks ago. After an experience like that, I realize we are all walking

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"\"GMA\" anchor joins the New York-Presbyterian doctor and TV personality for a behind-the-scenes look at saving someone's life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24313728","title":"Robin Roberts Accompanies Dr. Oz Into Surgery","url":"/GMA/video/robin-roberts-accompanies-dr-oz-surgery-24313728"}