Robin Roberts' 'GMA' Dressing Room Gets a Makeover

Jonathan Adler and Lara Spencer spruce up the "GMA" anchor's space in the studio.
4:32 | 11/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Robin Roberts' 'GMA' Dressing Room Gets a Makeover
But I'm excited for today's version of -- say it with me, improve this. Today is about small spaces. And the dressing rooms and offices at "Gma," they're, how do I say this? Well-loved. Well-used. But one by one, our friend, design guru Jonathan designed them. This time it was a birthday present for the one, the only, robin Roberts. He conquered my clutter. Oh, my goodness, it's an explosion. Turned drab to fab for the "Gma" producers. This is amazing. And now design superstar Jonathan Adler is at it again, revamping robin's "Gma" dress ING room. I ease into my morning and day. The key, family and friends. Love having family pictures. I get it. And I -- I think I know who you are. I totally get it. Who am I, Jonathan? You want a place that's kind of a retreat and needs to be calm and zen. I totally get it. I just think that you are chic and glamorous. What I see here is a space that needs -- needs to be, like, very calm. I get it. But I want a little glamour. Reporter: The first tip for adding glam to make a small space feel glam. Add height with floor to ceiling drapes. Keep it mono chromatic, low key, add textures. Reporter: Covering the walls in grass cloth wall paper. And she will forget the form Ka once it's covered with stick on wall paper. Feels like a great psy size. Rescue, recycle, reinvent. Shutter? Table. No, table. Tip number three, think outside the box. I used a $10 flee market shutter and these good legs. Everybody loves good legs. Absolutely. Reporter: You like this leg? A little beefy, fabulous, or long and lean? I like long and lean. Reporter: To create a totally terrific table. This would be nice to have a sitting area. Reporter: And finally seating is key. So create your own by covering the fabric. I want to make this a reflection of you. 100% you. But crank up the glamour and bring you gorgeous lighting. Crank it up. I'm excited. Me too. Work your magic. Reporter: All right, so we're upstairs now, robin and I. Happy birthday from all of us and Jonathan Adler. My goodness. Isn't it beautiful? That manamaste. The zen. I can't wait to see how he did everything. A big change. I love this. Come over here and look. Thank you. By the window. If this was just kind of useless space. And now it's this wonderful little -- we have it in all of our rooms. It's form Ka, but you have made the dated fixtures disappear. I wanted to channel you, you are gorgeous and glamorous and sparkle. And create a zen space with a little bit of sparkle. There's brassment wills, live elements, brass to center you. Is that wall -- I'm sorry. Adds texture and there's a little bit of shimmer. You use metallics for a reason. Shimmer. Like neutrals, a little bit of sparkle like you. It needed to capture your spirit. But these were drab drawers and everything. Just what you put on it makes it look so rich. It's inexpensive what you did. I wanted to keep it neutral. Has a totally zen vibe. The handles -- Yes. This is the contact paper, correct? Totes. Totes. Formy kica, it's a sticker. And decluttering makes a difference. Not saying you did -- I did. Kept the airplane -- Everything is here, but it's decluttered and ordered. Keep it this way. I will. Won't touch a thing. Happy birthday, robin Roberts. Happy birthday. To see how we built this cute little rescue, reinvented. You built this? Go to our website, and we'll

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"Jonathan Adler and Lara Spencer spruce up the \"GMA\" anchor's space in the studio.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27079328","title":"Robin Roberts' 'GMA' Dressing Room Gets a Makeover ","url":"/GMA/video/robin-roberts-gma-dressing-room-makeover-27079328"}