Robin Roberts Has Good News About Her Recovery

The "GMA" anchor has good news about her recovery from her bone marrow transplant.
8:26 | 01/14/13

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Transcript for Robin Roberts Has Good News About Her Recovery
Well -- I gotta tell you, george. I'm so happy. To be sharing this news with everybody. I met with my doctors last week. My blood continues continue to improve manipulate beloved sister, sally-ann, my donor, her cells continue the make themselves at home in my body. And the big news is, that my last bone marrow aspiration, by the way, ouch. I lost count how many I have had. The last bone marrow test showed no abnormalities. The majority of the mare roe is my sister's and it is healthy, praise god. And what all this mean, my doctors are waiting for this information to be able to tell me that I can begin the process of returning to the anchor chair. I'm coming home. All right, all right. Okay, all right. Coming -- what are we talking here, pal, what are we talking? Well, josh, you know, it's like an athlete comes off of injured reserve. They don't go right back into the starting lineup. They go the practice, throw the ball, see how their body reacts. My fabulous doctors have come up with game plan for me. The process of reentry is, I got up at 4:00 this morning. I have to get back on "gma" time. Get my body clock -- welcome back. That's one thing I have not missed the alarm clock. Next week, my doctors have me doing, what we're calling a dry run. I'll get up, go to the studio, have makeup and hair -- well, makeup, we'll talk about the hair plarpt get dressed, get prepared for the show. Ly not go on the air next week. My doctors want me to see how many people I actually come in contact with, how my body reacts to the stimulation, as coword for stress of getting back in the studio environment. After you all go off the air, I'll go on set. The lights, they don't tell you that you get a free chemical peel with every bone marrow transplant. My skin is very sensitive. We have to see how it reacts to studio lights. My vision is still blurriyblurry. You look amazing on camera this morning. Your weight is up a little bit. When do you get back to normal day-to-day routine for you? You looked great in your tux in las vegas. I was watching you. But, what happens now is after i go through this dry run, my doctors will sit down with me again and we'll evaluate where i am. We're talk now, matter of weeks, not months. I should be back some time in february. Now I have date in mind that's very personal and very important to me. But I will ultimately listen to what may doctors, of course what my doctors say and what they recommend. We have to remember, we're in the height of fluseason. George, you'll talk to my of my doctors, gail, and rich, in a bit. You have been champing at the bit. Recovery takes so long. We have been e-mailing you. I said, watch "homeland." You must feel so excited to come back next week with the dry runs, just to get out of the house. There are so many emotions, elizabeth. And thank you, thanks amy, i thank amy, all the talent, funny guest host we have had. You have been a joy to watch. And I appreciate what you have done and what everyone has done sitting in that chair. I can't thank you enough. It's been an ho an honor to kee it warm for you. You're keeping it hot. What do you mean warm? You're keeping it hot. That's why I gotta come back. There you go. I'm excite but I'm also -- there's a range of emotions. Being so incredibly grateful. But I haven't been live on television since the end of august. My heart is beating so fast right now. It means I'm alive. I'm alive and I'm so great to feel be excited as I am. I can't wait to get back. Robin, I send you greetings from l.A. And -- love and kisses from every single star at the golden globes made sure to say please, tell robin we cannot wait to hear her news. We love her. Let her know we're thinking about her. You need to know that you are just so loved and missed. And my question is, how soon until we can give you big hugs and kisses? Well, I'm glad you're sending me your love. Send me that great green necklace, send that, too, my way. I like what you're wearing there. But, um -- it's going take some time. It's going to take some time. We're going to do some elbow bumping. Thank you for what you were saying about the people out in l.A. I have to say, I'm grateful to my doctors, my family there in the studio and at home, "gma" viewers -- your messages, prayers, well wishes, have given me an enormous amount of strength. And hope. And as I said, I'm just so incredibly grateful. We're going to take it step by step. We're talking about weeks, not months, any longer. I'm listening to my doctors. Taking everything into account. This is the next step. I'm so excited to be sharing it with everyone. We're all excited, robin. You have gotten some of the best care in the world. We're going talk to your doctors right now, dr. Gail roboz and dr. Richard besser. We heard so much from robin right now, gail, about where she is in her recovery. Get more specific now. Remind everybody, she looks fantastic right now. But this has not been easy. This has definitely not been easy. One of the most frustrating things is people say, oh, you've been out, you've been on vacation for the last few months. This is no vacation. This is brutal. Every day, taking 10 or 15 tablets. The whole day is focused on doctors and medications, whether or not you have enough energy to get out of bed and take a shower. You can see from look at robin how that has changed. What does that mean, no abnormal lities in the blood? We can't see any of the disease that prompted this whole process right now. Right now, did we get rid of what we started out trying to get rid of? Robin talked about it, rich. It is flu season. What precautions does she need to take? Her immune system is still rebuilding. She's at risk for getting the flu, colds, the elbow bumps she talks about are important. She can't get a flu shot yet. Her body won't respond. It's not that it's dangerous. It just won't help that much. That's right. It's so important for other people to get to it protect her. So many people here at times square said this is the first year they got a flu shot and they got it for robin. Robin's ahead of the curve. It's important for everyone to know that. She is doing wonderfully. There are many patients who, at this point after a transplant, are not at all having a conversation about going back to work, let alone the type of work she does. We're thrilled that she's doing so well. We all are, robin. I know you wanted to add one more but-in on this. Thank you for asking. Jai gail, I love you, sergio, your dream team. Rich besser has been there all through the way. I hear from so many, many of your patients, too, about going through the process. It's different for everyone. In the words of jimmy val my valvano. Jimmy v., Don't give up, don't ever give up. This, too, shall pass. You have to get tuned up.

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{"id":18209363,"title":"Robin Roberts Has Good News About Her Recovery ","duration":"8:26","description":"The \"GMA\" anchor has good news about her recovery from her bone marrow transplant.","url":"/GMA/video/robin-roberts-recovery-announcement-abnormalities-found-blood-planning-18209363","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}