Robin Roberts Continues Recovery With Super Bowl Party

"GMA" anchor spends time watching the big game with family at a party thrown by her sisters.
4:30 | 02/04/13

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Transcript for Robin Roberts Continues Recovery With Super Bowl Party
keys. And roseanne barr. We're going turn to robin's big homecoming. This is part of her emotional recovery as he prepares to come back and join news the morning at "gma." What a welcome she got on the gulf coast. Huge super bowl party last night. Thrown by her sisters. Everyone was cheering. Take a look. All right, all right. ♪ just a short drive from new orleans, her beloved mississippi coast. The roberts family has called pass christian home for more than 40 years. Her first stop, the boys and girls club to thank them from holding bone marrow drives in her honor. What have you been doing this morning? Making cards. For who? For you? Those are for me? You have already made me sweet cards. It ain't just robin time, it's carnival time. You're the queen. The fine mayor of pass christian. Reporter: Everyone came together to shower love, compassion, and support on our dear friend. You've extended yourself. We're so great to feel have you. We're everything we're about. Pass christian loves you over and over and over again. Well, thank you. What you all have done with the bone marrow drives, the boys and girls clubs of the gulf coast. With mine, the pass leading the way, it's meant everything. Reporter: Through her tear, grateful robin gave thanks. When I get well wishes from you, they go right to my heart. And I take you back wherever i am. You're forever in my heart and soul. I'm so proud of you. You make me always proud to call the pass my home. So thank you. Oh, my gosh, you know. An emotional home coming in the boys and girls club her family helped build. Tears of joy for mom. Yeah. And the whole family. She wanted a flats was community. Reporter: Before leaving pass christian, robin's sister, dorothy, joined her at war memorial park to visit the eagle statue in honor of their father. Think of dad, think of patriotism. How proud he was to be an american. Something about the eagle symbolizes that. Reporter: Spending time with family under the gulf coast sun put a smile on robin's face and her soul. You smell the gulf? Mm. It's that first -- off the beach. I know, I know. Mm. So healing. Reporter: Then it was back to new orleans for family and football. How are you? Let's have a party! Party! Oh! Reporter: The game was exciting. This was about a lot more than just football. Day of gratitude. A day to remember robin's journey and how far they've all come as family. You have changed everything. You're just -- an influence on me. I feel mother's spirit. I feel daddy's spirit. And I know that from their heavenly balcony right now, they are celebrating. That is a supercharged emotional recovery. And sam, you were there for the beginning of it. It seemed like by the end she was gaining strength every second. I think josh will agree. The first real big test of robin's growing stamina. Think she passed. I think she passed with flying colors. It was a lot for her. A lot of people wanted to see her. Josh? Yeah, it was funny. I know, sam, you saw this. Her doctor follows her on twitter. As we were making our way down, he sent her an e-mail saying, i know you're home. You have to stop touching people. Let's remember. You gotta stop giving everybody a hug and a kiss. She was champing at the bit. She wanted to get home to see everybody. It was an amazi to be here with her. A lot more to say on that.

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{"id":18398924,"title":"Robin Roberts Continues Recovery With Super Bowl Party","duration":"4:30","description":"\"GMA\" anchor spends time watching the big game with family at a party thrown by her sisters.","url":"/GMA/video/robin-roberts-recovery-gma-anchor-continues-recovery-super-18398924","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}