Robin Roberts shares personal videos from Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands

The "GMA" anchor shares videos she took while traveling to some of the areas most affected by hurricanes, as communities still work to recover from the natural disasters weeks later.
9:36 | 11/14/17

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Transcript for Robin Roberts shares personal videos from Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands
I don't know about you but after being on the road for four days especially Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and to be back here in the city you just have a real perspective of what they're going through being in the hurricane zone like that. And when I was there, rob was in the Florida key, Michael, you were in your hometown of Houston. Of Houston, I was there hanging out with my peep, robin. You know, so many incredible volunteers were there helping the neighbors, helping them get back on their feet. But you got to see there's still so much work to be done. Still so much needed. Progress has been made but so much need, so much need is still there and there are millions that are still strugglinging for basic needs weeks after the storms hit but we saw resilience. Oh, yeah. We saw people hard at work to rebuild and here are a few more of the inspiring people that I had a chance to meet on the road to recovery. ??? Reporter: By air. You could see the number of downed power lines. Reporter: Water. Feels so beautiful. The Virgin Islands and I'm witnessing #vistrong. Reporter: And on land. Do you think people will come back. Oh, absolutely. Good. So they just -- this is their territory. This is their home, yep. Donkeys all over the place. Reporter: Our "Gma" team traveled over 3300 miles from New York to the U.S. Virgin Islands across Puerto Rico and back again. We just arrived in San Juan from the Virgin Islands and it's day three on the road to recovery. The destruction left behind from hurricanes Irma and MARIA staggering. And the cleanup effort is ongoing. Hundreds of linemen have been using chinook heavy lift helicopters and truck-based cranes to restore the toppled steel towers and high voltage power lines 30 miles across Puerto Rico's mountainous terrain. Among all the devastation we also witnessed the unwavering resilience that remains in the spirit of those lives that were drastically changed. Like the Phillips family we introduced you on St. Thomas. All: Good morning, America. Reporter: Out of their severely damaged home they're using their working generator to cook nearly 250 meals per day. I washed dishes for three hours straight. She took our China -- she took the China I purchased for her and that's what we was using to feed the people. Tell people why you did that. To give back a little bit. A little hope. Reporter: That hope striking a chord with you at home. Over 12,000 of you signing up to aid the adopt a family care package initiative in one day alone. And an overwhelming response at a time when the hurricane victims need it most. We wish you all the best from our family to yours. My daughter opened this box. And it was fascinating because somebody actually took the time -- A lot of time in yes, look at this. To do this. Strength, love, hope. Be strong. Courageous. So somebody instead of just putting something in a box spent time. Look at this. A lot of time. Look at this. The lord your god is with you wherever you are. Do not be afraid or discouraged. Wow. I don't know about you, my family, we already had a discussion and know what we're doing for the holidays. The adopt a family and heard from a lot who are going to do it. I want to thank the border protection and air and customs. They took me up overhead to see and like so many people there's less than half of the country in Puerto Rico has power right now. Still. Less than -- I shouldn't call it a country. It's part of the United States but has less than -- that area has -- when you're up in the air like that you can see the mountainous trenderous terrain that they have to go to to restore the power and I saw a New York City firefighter and he was saying, New York brave -- I saw him in the airport and he said please let people know about the terrain that we're working as hard as we can. We want to get power back to people as fast as we can but it's a very difficult tank. Yeah. All right. Thank you for doing that. Thank you for doing that. And rob too. We want to go back and report some more progress. I'd love checking in with the gentleman with the mattresses. Mattress Mack. Mattress Mack. But I love these inspirational stories. We got another one for you. Yeah. This is of a smaller variety. A 9-year-old 4'6" pint-size point guard who moves on the basketball court already catching the eye of colleges across the country. Joining us from Winchester Thur ton high school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, please give a warm welcome to karis Thomas, her dad and Jamal Woodson. How is it going. Coach, I'll start with you. How did you learn about karis' amazing basketball skills? You know, it's an interesting story. Slam basketball is Pennsylvania's number one aau basketball program and we hold tons of clinicing and we were holding a very competitive clinic for high school athletes and in comes in this 4'nothing with her dad barging in trying to get in and I tried to stop them. Her dad was not having it. He was like, let me daughter just play for a little bit. I did not want to do it but he insisted. I dit and as soon as she stepped foot on the court she outshined the entire clinic of about 75 people. Randy, I can see that calm proud look on your face. You knew it all along. I mean, she makes me so proud. I mean she works so hard. That's my best friend. I love her to death. Ah. Hey, karis, what do you love so much about basketball? What is it about that great sport? Well, one of my favorite players is Lebron James and he's a great sport and athlete and Dunks real crazy which I love and he works as hard as me. And, yeah, I want to meet him one day actually. Oh. That's going to happen, I have a feeling. I think Lebron will be reassured to know he works as hard as you. You heard that too. So, you heard us mention already there's interest in you from big colleges at this young age. They're looking at you. Love to hear where you're looking. Are you already thinking about playing ball in college? Yeah. Where sfwl whedo you want to play? What school? I want to go to UConn or duquesne because they win a lot and I just like winning. You like winning. Geno will be happy to have her. Geno auriemma. Scholarships coming by the end of the segment. Karis, can you show us your moves right now? Show us some moves? Yeah. Let's show them what we got. You ready? You ready. What do we have? Let's go for two balls and tart with two balls. All the way up. All the way up. Great, great. All the way back. All the way back. Switch it up. Switch it up. Here woo O we go. Chest pass. Great job, great job. Let's go behind your back now, three-point line, all the way up. All the way up. All the way up. Hey, karis, let show them what we do. Show Lebron James what we do. Hey. Let's get this money, girl. All right. Good job. Great job. That's what she does. That's the best 9-year-old girl in the had is tri of life. Mad skills you have there. Well, you know, you caught the attention of a lot of people, karis. I think we have a special guest that's going to come out. Come on, come on out from the Harlem globetrotters. Hey. What's going on? How are you? I saw you got some amazing basketball skills. Thanks. Nice job. Hey, actually I have something very special. I want karis to come out to our basketball game kicking off our season right here in Pittsburgh on disease 26th our 2018 world tour and I want to have you come out and join the team. What do you think about that. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. You got to earn this, karis, can you hold your finger in the hair. Make it really strong. Okay, zeus. There you go. Nice. How does that look? Bam! Good job, karis. Nice. Hey, thank you, zeus. Just like robin now. We got to say thank you to zeus. You're only like ten people in the honorary member. She could be the real deal. I'm honorary. Ten members. Robin. We got to say thank you to karis and coach? Mall and Randy for sharing the story with us. We got to say a big thank you to the Harlem globetrotters for

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{"duration":"9:36","description":"The \"GMA\" anchor shares videos she took while traveling to some of the areas most affected by hurricanes, as communities still work to recover from the natural disasters weeks later. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51130133","title":"Robin Roberts shares personal videos from Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands","url":"/GMA/video/robin-roberts-shares-personal-videos-puerto-rico-us-51130133"}