Bestselling Author on the Magic of Scents

Perfumes take center stage in M. J. Rose's newest book, and she has tips on what to wear and how to wear it.
3:36 | 04/17/14

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Transcript for Bestselling Author on the Magic of Scents
-- in the morning doesn't just mean -- one on some clothes for millions of us an outfit just doesn't really come together -- topped off with a -- of our favorite perfume or Cologne. And -- have a fascinating hold on the creative conscious I didn't of the morning consciousness that's not. Don't want an international bestselling author and to tell us how we can incorporate -- into our lives I don't think about sense that haven't. Not us but obviously they're very important subject you Wear perfume every morning I -- Where you put it -- -- -- here at the neck and behind my -- Behind your new ground. So everybody -- that -- -- -- to put perfume hair I have -- worst place to prepare for really when you put perfume here are all day long you're wearing it off on everything you touch. Wright's first thing you touched. And when you put it here are you have oil glands behind fears that totally changed the -- really quickly. So is supposed to do is top of hand. Front of neck. Back of museums find -- -- know that. Everybody does it here right I have my little rock and a funny -- -- magazine New Mexico and other dudes right like guys well you can't put it here either. -- -- -- And you know the other thing to do is to spray a little bit like this -- and walk through asked my last day you get like a little bath with a little bad their perfume. And -- -- -- Coco Chanel said it put it where you wanna be kids. -- president of the company is right what. That's so weird place. -- make sense -- you don't I just -- yeah that it's interesting though seem really incorporated in the book how to tell us Blackwell what a lot of people don't. -- is that there was no perfume in France. Which everybody thinks French perfume everything was put perfume really came to France when Catherine de Medici who was an Italian -- just. Came to France to marry prince Henry in the fifteen hundreds. And she brought with her are her perfume -- A man named -- the Florentine who was -- young orphan who have been trained in Florence. And they will revolutionize. That industry in France everything smelled really badly. In the Middle Ages and Europe people look at two bath -- one when they were born and one when they died. How wealthy people took but when they were married. So people really stunk. And so what they did was they used car from him to mask their sense they -- -- his little dogs -- come in handy and they use little dogs which. Absorb their sense and they perfume little dogs the -- -- went through two quarts of perfume a week. Even just be tolerable. If he was even -- -- -- -- mixed with body odors -- just. Lots of it. I don't know feel that that might be doing that. Pasadena and Atlanta. But not so this is really -- sent such a big part of of the book but that you're saying it can be a big part of our lives yes outside yet the book is about the perfume or who also created -- for captain demanded seeing. And dumped poison was a woman's. It. Method of choice for killing people it was kind of feminine you just -- -- in the glass or would he did was he created clothes that we impregnated. With perfume that was poisoned. So we were assured for three days and -- Dennis -- you can file a petition. Well we'll look at the when my mother about that Sanjay thank you for being here and Loretta and -- -- new novel the cluster of dying grad is available on Amazon and in bookstores now -- can learn about the poisoning of perfume my. -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"Perfumes take center stage in M. J. Rose's newest book, and she has tips on what to wear and how to wear it.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23360420","title":"Bestselling Author on the Magic of Scents","url":"/GMA/video/rose-interview-2014-collector-dying-breaths-author-magic-23360420"}