'Rough Night' star Zoe Kravitz decorated her hotel room to make it feel 'sexy' during filming

Kravitz and co-star Ilana Glazer open up about the making of the new comedy about a bachelorette party gone wrong.
3:57 | 06/15/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Rough Night' star Zoe Kravitz decorated her hotel room to make it feel 'sexy' during filming
We're here now we Billy credit and a lot of delays there yet. Are getting a lot of laughed and didn't know moving rough. Night about a bachelorette parties gone wrong. Any plans to do just fine which veteran you finish. I detoxify my mask what we need a burner firm of Haynes and here's send cat. Hey there silent. And you can find that behind. Big campaign. Are you not. New baby boomers are so demanding. Baby boomers. Automatic safety both for joining me this morning. In what a great cast on me Kate we killing daily available here yesterday. On the show and they said behind the scenes that would just public bond being so much Cindy. Behind the scenes were you involved and lots of. Yeah we again. We re joined in me it was like for. Let's turn to get our energy back up and also. At the end of the night it was to make it's that we wouldn't fall asleep it would it was our strategy when they gave us a little sample they're thinking skills you two wanna follow that with zero. I'm I didn't have anything we must do a good chance we got our NBC Miguel mop. Room come up. Got. Hot. And cold front it make things. We're on to something. Helps us. And it might flick raked him. It what it does wake you up and in a lot of you study occurred in problem. So it doing this movie how much were you able to improvise you know there are so much plot that had to be done because so much crazy stuff is happening. So it was it was more like get the contaminant scene and then give Michael Flores it was we wouldn't get it down and then play but. It was mostly just as brilliant script could've gone with the script but every once in while you simply can't. And a billionaire Buddha some of that I'm sure to move right yes labor in color from aspect but also we had to like get a lot of business done. And then you take a hit it off onset so much so that your mother may something for the week. She named you amazing peanut butter balls that she had. You've had brought them is that one day and you like so we can how one I was like -- and eat all of them yet. And she brought them to the premier and I eat them during the movie and Clinton free and like whatever element and he. It meant to make friends like food its champion moms know that he added if you hurt you shut this in the Hamptons but it wasn't like a five star Hampton retreat. But though you brought enough stuff to come all and that's thanks to you may environment you're left. Yeah I travel a lot so I think it's important to trying you can keep your environment cozy so right eyebrow like. I brats and throw pillows I brought a speaker I brought a light histories and scandal over lamps also William Smith. Like I Kravitz and it was unbelievable let's ask them well I mean they're sexy at adamantly. He as you said he'd be careful while simply moving in a lot of you just got married recently congratulations. You did not have bachelorette party event due in part to the plot of this movie. I would yeah I was a little nervous after this Mendoza do you know I think we'll be safest just to focus on the wedding get it done and we can party later but that's right. This may be really freaking out about that spectacularly. You have one who would plan for you. When the. Stated though if you had one who would plan a for you it's Europe it's its share of. We're so it's such a vibe queen and I know that it should set that vibe for my bets that we really AM we've Smart paste and a and that's how. What you both have similar take to make a great buddy movies and oh yes and thank you both for coming and I think perhaps that yeah. Why makes him a check it out.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"Kravitz and co-star Ilana Glazer open up about the making of the new comedy about a bachelorette party gone wrong.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48047665","title":"'Rough Night' star Zoe Kravitz decorated her hotel room to make it feel 'sexy' during filming","url":"/GMA/video/rough-night-star-zoe-kravitz-decorated-hotel-room-48047665"}