A roundup of the best Black Friday bargains

ABC News' Becky Worley shares some of this year's can't-miss Black Friday deals and discounts.
3:22 | 11/24/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A roundup of the best Black Friday bargains
While many of you are hitting the stores -- by the way, great "Pop news." No problem. While many are hitting the stores buying romphims or rompers, there is a brand-new match of bargains for black Friday and as always we turn for that to our expert, our maestro, Becky Worley in San Francisco with the best discounts. Take a bow, Becky, good morning. Good morning. My super bowl sadly. No romphim deals. Sorry, Dan. So what is the deal you're talking about this morning. I understand you've got deals on something like Amazon echo and things like that. We have deals aplenty. Spend $50 at target on anything, online or in store and then you get a 20% off coupon to be used storewide later on an entire purchase. I mean, what can't you buy at target? 20% storewide is major. And so I was talking about the Amazon echo and the Google home mini. We've got some here in studio. There are deals on these, as well. Ooh. Sales are predicted to triple on these this holiday season. The echo dot is $20 off at Amazon. The Google home mini is selling out fast because it's $29 at Walmart and you get a $25 gift card. That's a net price of 4 bucks on these voice assistants. Very good deal. Very cool. We also have a new console, the Xbox with us in studio and apparently there were deals on these as well. Tell us more. Right, so the Xbox One X. Every three or four years there is a new console released that causes a lot of opportunities to get deals. This year, the one X is new. Not a lot of deals, 499 every single place a checked online but the older Xbox One, the "S" as in Sam's clu is 189 bucks, 90 bucks off the list price, same at toys "R" us and Microsoft store is 10 bucks cheaper and get a game thrown in. The ps slim is trying to stay competitive. One terabyte is 189 at bjs. 189 and Kohl's 199 but throw in a $60 gift card. That's a pretty good deal. Yeah, great for gaming. Gaming consoles are good gift, right? One thing that's new we're seeing Dees on virtual reality bundles. For PC gamers the oculus rift but vr touch controller is $349 at Best Buy, the best price we've seen by $50 so far so get your vr on. Everybody wants that for Christmas this year. Let's get our vr on. We have an oculus in studio and one of our lucky audience members will be able to take this one home. Let's do a little lottery and spin. It's not you, Adrienne, sorry. Number 25, come on up. Where are you, 25? Whoa! You got -- what's your name? Jack. Jack. You got a Hanukkah romphim. Yeah. And that. Wow, that's crazy. Merry Christmas. Happy Black Friday to you.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"ABC News' Becky Worley shares some of this year's can't-miss Black Friday deals and discounts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51352362","title":"A roundup of the best Black Friday bargains ","url":"/GMA/video/roundup-best-black-friday-bargains-51352362"}