#America Favorite Foods: Amy's Favorite Burger

St. Joseph, Mich., is the home to Amy Robach of "GMA" and her burger joint, Roxy's.
2:54 | 07/12/13

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Transcript for #America Favorite Foods: Amy's Favorite Burger
TV's been celebrating America all month and this week it's been all about our best fights through that remind -- of home in the summertime. Non -- her husband against shrimp elbowing. -- has served up -- pizza from new Hyde park new York and -- -- -- -- from East Hampton and -- made Paducah Kentucky crowd with -- pulled pork sandwiches. I need to my home state of Michigan all are. -- my best -- we have a drummer -- Okay. Okay. -- -- -- have partners in Saint Joseph Michigan. Roxy is very special -- -- -- all you're gonna hear about it but first let's get to know the state jail hot spot known as proxies I couldn't wait. It's called a special place on the -- the queen city of Saint Joseph Michigan. And right next door to the high school that my father attended is that famous -- that's been there since 1966. A spot -- my parents went on some of their first gains in high school. And his childhood secret might return to many times over the years -- -- the states that -- varieties. That negative direction. -- -- -- -- -- Actually like grilled cheese but the Roxy -- deluxe otherwise known as the all of burger is what keeps people coming back. Even Alan that we may come home when the men's open again women who run and parents have not. The burgers are made by hand with the freshest ingredients but their secret -- Did grill that's never been replaced. -- -- -- -- -- This all goes on and I'm not making going to happen very happy -- and I love him and people will notice is easily tutoring at. Here's my mom eating -- Roxy -- just a few years ago still one of our family favorites. And the -- -- -- -- Rocky Bernard and not we didn't even drive into Michigan and we would drive right into -- these and it's those olives. I mean they're so good guys you haven't been -- -- A data and -- and -- -- for hundreds of. Together I'm going to really have. -- -- -- How did you back -- It -- now they're -- Okay. At -- burger grab your burger. There you go. Hello I'm the holiday and it's amazing that can't really goes up up all of some hamburger today -- do now I don't like it reminded me. The only ones -- Yeah. That -- -- and Sam are you stand. Alone and yeah. Okay one let.

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{"id":19648989,"title":"#America Favorite Foods: Amy's Favorite Burger","duration":"2:54","description":"St. Joseph, Mich., is the home to Amy Robach of \"GMA\" and her burger joint, Roxy's.","url":"/GMA/video/roxys-burger-joint-st-joseph-michigan-america-favorite-19648989","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}