Royal Baby Named George Alexander Louis

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's selection was a favorite among oddsmakers.
6:21 | 07/24/13

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Transcript for Royal Baby Named George Alexander Louis
Prince William and duchess Catherine announced the name to a press release -- no pomp and ceremony. But certainly a lot of reaction prince George most likely named for his great great grandfather king George. Six the father Queen Elizabeth the Second. George with the name favored by book he's eleven to two and prince George -- another royal name as well with little me but. They also Alexander more popular name reflective of the times right now I want to bring an ABC's -- different in London. No formal announcement -- tradition just -- plain -- press release that is this the modern way it's it'll lead to climactic. Next the united they're going to be calling him Boy George sending us this really is he knowing where where's that where's the pageantry where's the pop. I -- we did get about a five minute notice this is gonna come at a couple hours ago. It was released as he said. By press release and we're not gonna see little Boy George for a little while Kate and William have gone up to. -- parents house and -- will be north of London for some private time with his royal highness the prince of Cambridge thank you. Yes that's better -- she is royal highness and you know you mention the length of the name only three names not sport Prince Charles for example is Charles Philip Arthur George. Just to -- his sense of how long been sending a lot of there really weren't any restrictions there are no rules that said this baby had to have a traditional name or the name of a former. The American -- been anything could have been here -- two names but but traditionally we do you have four names so perhaps they just didn't agree. On the -- name but I think there's some other historical precedents. To mention as well George of course. Is that great great great grandfathers. Believe. But -- -- is a road name but also the name of charles' favorite uncle -- -- baton the last viceroy of India who was killed. By the IRA so maybe that's not -- there and Alexander. Is reportedly -- favorite name and actually they had already chosen Alexander dropped. If it'd been a girl and so that is -- contribution apparently to the romance. You know -- that many names you can probably make a lot of different people happy just keep going -- adding names. And you mention it's king George the sixth which was charles' grandfather this -- great great grandfather. But. This child can change name is when he becomes king typically the royals do for example Charles. Is probably going to be known as king George the seventh so this is not necessarily been named the prince we'll have as -- is that right. Now that's -- -- I think that's a good point that we will not necessarily get. Another king George we may get a king Louis Eric King Louis. Depending on how you want to pronounce him George the sixth himself actually I think that was the third of his six names. And so he chose that in order to honor his own father George the fifth. And this little guy in -- he can -- is anything he he he will choose one of his three names we which got our crack research team. On this a few minutes ago and we don't think that any king has ever chosen a name that -- in his. Kind of like the Pope. Which -- name but we're still checking that. Okay by the way just of people -- the most popular names in England right now according to one website it means that -- UK's. No I'll I'll spare and Oliver so none of those made it. And I guess that's we haven't heard any other -- there's really nothing more to -- here in terms of the baby were -- for awhile. -- -- we thought we regardless morning. I think that there will be things that come out with this child and and to make a serious point you know -- is going to be one of the most photographed mothers in the world. We are looking at a couple. Who were no longer just. The pretty. Couple who have the beautiful wedding and are beginning to set the future or guarantee the future of the house of -- we are talking now about young parents and every single thing they do. Every single thing made by will be scrutinized yesterday. I believe the car seat that William use that one's already sold out on Amazon. And so we're really going to see in some ways a repeat of what Diana and Charles had to go through. 32 years ago 31 years ago magnified by 10100 in the Twitter sphere in the -- -- and so it'll be very interest in the -- How Kate and William do with that media glare and how Kate does -- a mother knowing that every single thing she does will be scrutinized by the notoriously aggressive British media. It's very different when you have a baby and young innocent child and -- I I like to thank you for that. Serious note I'm Italy -- fell on a more ceiling -- I don't know how popular Sein Feld is in London but we have a lot of people. Making reference to the fact that George is a character from science -- and Jason Alexander played George that is apparently what's hitting a lot of the twist here right now. -- -- -- -- Yeah of course and -- and the summer of George of course is every sign found. -- -- know and personally my my favorite is. Yadda yadda yadda. Which in this case I think. Only applies because there's three names and nobody will care after -- -- what this little kid does because although we focused on his name according -- -- told tradition but I'm not sure that's entirely right. And I think -- -- here will go well we'll kind of continue to go along and along the along. Grabbing this boy's name and we'll see what he's known as we'll see if he has a choice. To choose which name he goes by or if his parents will just go go go with a -- thought Boy George that's for my personal. It's like you're acting talents your favorite I -- ABC's chip and in London thank you so much for joining us. -- keep up with all things right right here on ABC -- top cop for now tyrant and his in New York is is that -- -- -- digital special report.

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{"id":19762299,"title":"Royal Baby Named George Alexander Louis","duration":"6:21","description":"The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's selection was a favorite among oddsmakers.","url":"/GMA/video/royal-baby-named-george-alexander-louis-19762299","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}