Cruise Ship Passenger: 'Saw Fire Jump Out of Ship'

A fire broke out on one of the decks of the Royal Caribbean's Grandeur of the Seas.
2:39 | 05/28/13

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Transcript for Cruise Ship Passenger: 'Saw Fire Jump Out of Ship'
We'll have the latest on that. The latest on the cruise ship disaster at sea and royal caribbean cruise ship that caught fire in the middle of the night. Passengers now being sent home and matt gutman joins us from the bahamas where the ship is docked. Good morng, matt. Reporter: Good morning, robin. A terrifying experience. All passengers who were nearly loaded on to live boats will be packed into 11 chartered flights for a much quicker flight home to baltimore. All those passengers telling us how close a call it was last night. The back of that ship exploding into flames. This morning exclusive new images of a dream cruise turned nightmare. Some 2200 passengers stuffing themselves into life jackets as fire gutted the stern of royal caribbean's "grandeur of the seas." Not a drill, not a joke. Everyone was freaking out. dan McTeague was one of those passengers hustling to muster stations near lifeboats. There was like a big explosion and seen the fire coming up at our station. It exploded and we had to go somewhere else. Reporter: These pictures show the aftermath. Yellow tape, fire hoses crisscrossing the corridor, smoke damaging the wall. Royal caribbean tells abc news 20 people aboard the seven-day cruise from baltimore took ill. Passengers complaining of vomiting and fa. Here's the ship before. And after the fire. The flames taking out a dining area and bar. The crew was able to control the fire and the cruise line says power was never interrupted. What the crew couldn't control was passengers' fear. I thought we were going to die. Told us we had to get on the lifeboats and Reporter: Four tense hours later the all-clear. More than 20 fires have erupted aboard cruise ships the past 15 months. An engine room fire tripled the "triumph" in february. The stench is horrific. Reporter: Power and propulsion failed. But while it seems like carnival execs ran from the media. Royal caribbean immediately dispatched its ceo who was photographed amidst the charred remains and with concerned passengers. Now, we feel we should note crew members were telling passengers no the to take pictures of the fire. Now, the ntsb and the u.S. Coast guard are igating the incident. The cruise line won't say what caused the fire. They are saying however all those passengers will be fully compensated and given a free trip in the future. Robin? All right, matt, thank you. Glad everybody is safe. Boy, the cruise industry is still -- that's right. Now a wild weekend of

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{"id":19269236,"title":"Cruise Ship Passenger: 'Saw Fire Jump Out of Ship'","duration":"2:39","description":"A fire broke out on one of the decks of the Royal Caribbean's Grandeur of the Seas.","url":"/GMA/video/royal-caribbeans-grandeur-seas-cruise-ship-passenger-fire-19269236","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}