Royal Heir Heads Home With Prince William and Kate Middleton

The newest addition to the royal family is settling in at Kensington Palace.
3:23 | 07/24/13

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Transcript for Royal Heir Heads Home With Prince William and Kate Middleton
trumpets, it must mean the newest royal. At home and meeting his extended family. Amy robach, my friend from the rain and sun today at kensington palace. With more on the newest royal family. Amy, tell us all. You know what? It's been a busy day here. Wish you could be here at kensington palace. First, the queen visited baby cambridge a short while ago. to meet the little buy and the parents, as well. Relearned a short time ago, before 1:00 here, the duke, dish es and baby cambridge have just left kensington palace. And william was driving. Much like we saw him do yesterday, shortly after introducing his new son to the world. Duchess kate made her much-anticipated debut, introducing the future monarch to the entire world. Coming out of the hospital, a day after you've given birth for any mother is an immense amount of responsibility. 24 hours postpartum, you have raging hormones. You're emotional. Getting out of bed alone is an incredible task. Reporter: With the tiny prince, bundled in his arms, william shared his joy. A got pair of lungs on him. That's for sure. He's a big boy. He's quite heavy. We're still working on a name. We'll have that as soon as we can. First time we've seen him, really. The proper chance to catch up. Reporter: And new mom, kate, couldn't agree more. Very excited. I think an exciting time for any parent. Know what the feeling feels like. Very suspicious. Reporter: The appearance happened on the same steps of st. Mary's hospital, where prince william emerged 31 years ago. And kate wore a polka-dot dress reminiscent of the one diana wore in 1981. Diana said when she stepped out on the steps, when they got in the car and drove around the corner, she burst into tears. Reporter: Kate's frock is a one of a kind, made by designer, jenny packham. William was very comfortable. When prince charles debuted with william, he handed the baby to diana. The mom kate handing the boy over to william was such a significant moment. She was saying both of us are parents. That's the way they're going to go forth. Reporter: And prince william surprised everyone, when he strapped the baby into a car seat and drove away himself at the wheel. A very hand - on beginning. Happily ever after. And that jenny packham dress, all eyes on kate when she walked on with her brand-new baby. And not surprisingly, the jen with packham website crashed shortly after it was discovered that was the designer. Unless, if you were looking at baby cambridge, his shawl was made by d.A. Hunt and son. Many of the royal babies have worn shalls similar to his. His fashion will be of great interest to mothers and fathers all around the world. We're waiting for the day when we don't have to call him baby cambridge. We need a name. That will be soon. Next up, what could be the

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{"id":19757507,"title":"Royal Heir Heads Home With Prince William and Kate Middleton","duration":"3:23","description":"The newest addition to the royal family is settling in at Kensington Palace.","url":"/GMA/video/royal-heir-heads-home-prince-william-kate-middleton-19757507","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}