Russell Crowe on 'The Nice Guys'

The actor is live on 'GMA' to discuss the new action comedy.
4:44 | 05/13/16

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Transcript for Russell Crowe on 'The Nice Guys'
I have an Oscar winner with me. Russell Crowe. Good morning. Going for laughs -- Good morning. How are you? Good morning. Hello, everyone. Stars alongside Ryan gosling in "The nice guys." Let's take a look. What's in it for me? If you'll stop doing it. Doing what? Ow. That. Or we can do this the easy way or we can -- we're currently doing it the easy way. Okay, yes. Whatever happened to offering me 20 bucks? It's the recession. Russell, I have to say you're very hot this morning. Thank you, young lady. Thank you. You know what I'm referring to. Well, I've been through a bit of a walk so I'm still a little sweaty. Come from -- He walked from soho from -- Tribeca. You don't want to take cars and get the exercise in. I've been doing this in new York ever since I started coming here which is probably '92 or '93 whenever I have responsibilities I either walk or ride my bicycle. Keeps me grounded for these conversations. Well, you cleaned up very nicely, Russell. You know, Ryan was here yesterday. I don't know if you heard. I actually watched it. Oh, you did. I saw -- What did you think. He schooled you, didn't he? He totally busted me. Whatever you wanted to talk about, he just -- he just showed you the art of the interview. He did and he talked a little bit about what's going on between the two of you, he called it a conscious unbuddying. He had a message for you, take a look. We've agreed to keep 24 hours apart. All right, good to know. When you see him tell him I look happy. We'll play some of what you -- Tell him I'm happier then I've ever been. Can you tell him that. So how has this impacted your life? How are you feeling? I feel fantastic. Look, the thing about this kid, right, he's genuinely a comic genius and I worked with him and the pleasure I got out of being on the set with him every day, it's just like it was almost like, you know, why are they paying me for this? It's more fun than anything else. You had never worked before. No, we had met and had had a conversation so I kind of knew we shared a sense of humor but you really never know that chemistry is going to exist until you actually start doing a job, you know and people have been asking me to explain it and, you know, the really simple version is we just listen to each other. You know, and when you're an actor that's a big part of the job. It's a huge part of the job but he knows that if he decides to take a left step in the middle of something that I will notice and I'll follow along and it's vice versa so there's just an inherent trust between the two of us and I think that joy that we get out of our job and the fact we love our job and the fact that we are listening and ready and prepared to just jump off cliffs, I think that's what's coming across the screen. It is such a great movie and speaking of jumping off cliffs, this is a very physical movie. I know Matt Bomer said he did all of his own stunts and we have video of Ryan doing a lot of his stunts, as well right there. Look at that. How about you? Did you do your own stunts. Well, I'm an old bloke now. And I used to do -- used to pride myself on doing 100% shots for the director and I still do but now I have the conversation beforehand which is like you're 2k50e8ing with 52-year-old tend donees. You gained 60 pounds for this role. It was just obvious to me that this kind of duo needed something of that traditional physical difference, you know, so I didn't do anything special. Just lived the sedentary life instead of walking and took cabs. I was in the middle of postproduction on a film so it was easy to have a sedentary lifestyle sitting in a room 18 hours a day so anyway I was in the middle about talking about something else -- I want to quickly get to this couple's therapy promotional video. We have another one that's funny. Can we take a quick look at it. I'm really sorry, man. Hey, I'm sorry too. I'm sorry everything thinks you're a ticking time bomb. What. The whole world thinks you're a ticking time bomb's that's not fair. I love how you're willing to go there. Yeah, that was a lot of fun. You know, on a daily basis just getting to, you know, enjoy what we were doing and working with Shane black who directed "Kiss kiss ban H bank." He just trusted us to keep the spirit of what he intended. Thank you for making us all laugh. This is a great film. Russell Crowe, you're a lot nicer than Ryan, I'm just going to say, all right. "The nice guys" opens nationwide next Friday, may 20th.

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"The actor is live on 'GMA' to discuss the new action comedy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39082968","title":"Russell Crowe on 'The Nice Guys'","url":"/GMA/video/russell-crowe-nice-guys-39082968"}