Russell Simmons' Key to Happiness Takes 40 Minutes a Day

Hip-hip mogul's new book "Success Through Stillness" demystifies meditation.
3:00 | 02/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Russell Simmons' Key to Happiness Takes 40 Minutes a Day
Hi brandy hit and this is news makers from ABC news and Yahoo! News. And speaking with hip hop mogul an entrepreneur Russell Simmons his new book six -- stillness is about the practice of meditation. You've been practicing meditation for about twenty years can you give me an example premeditation. And post meditate. And Russell Simmons and how it's changed well my nickname is -- my companies -- named rush productions. And -- management and human rush -- financial service company and so. It's kind of been my nature -- and I have a coming in eighty. ET we'll show up. If they had if they'll pay attention back then I'd probably be -- But better than the drug meditation. Before I was frantic and now -- I take my time twice today to meditate. I operate from a column -- and -- -- very attractive. Only for me -- it on anyone who meditate. You know wouldn't it teaches you not to be -- -- Can you break down the process for years. The idea of this book -- the simplified to demystify. I'm meditation to make it easy for everyone to digest understand why -- How and what and it -- chapter on how to meditate is actually quite simple. There are many kinds of meditation. And I had this other panel would -- our children we like what what do you need to -- in both at the same time patience. If you fit the mine will -- When I'm teaching is a month for based meditation. So I -- -- Mannesmann to Rome. The truth is if I have no meaning not a religious connotation is just a vibration. This vibration of calming a -- -- Just repeat -- -- mind. That -- And you would have reports. -- some common goal. But you think the month. Think it gently. If you move the -- to -- gently come back. And -- the idea of single point focus. So five minutes into meditation after you -- if -- is not a meditative -- oh my god I'm meditating that in mind we'll bounce around again. It would try to take over with a -- -- transcend the -- even -- for you'll settle the mine will torpedo the most sensible. -- fit the moment settled and peaceful. This is a very beautiful that he and enough to look for anything you don't have to expect from. The nervous system Kong when you fit and -- the nervous system columns Phil gold them. Also mentioned your daughters and how often. Every morning. Every morning -- -- to house at 645 to 705 Wii Fit. And it's been a tremendous need for them to help them to -- -- -- the world what it is that the beauty that's in it has it changed that. Well -- can leave the meditating and she's eight. So now she's eleven and mainly since she's eleven and now she's what team. So they've been meditating quite some time they're changing so quickly if I gotta say that -- of that growth is. Through their meditation -- because and in meditation but. Also the mother and the -- the environment everything is changing so quickly with the little girl so. And some parents may find a little bit of relief knowing that their children want to take twenty minutes to be silent. You know and they may enjoy that silence as well there would be good tomorrow and join -- with a child. And I meditate with my dogs every day. I'm sure you hear a lot of people who say I don't have time I've got work I've got the kids at home -- constantly. Doing chores or running errands. -- there's no way I can find twenty minutes out of my day to sit there and meditate. All -- many companies and many charities and many social and political initiatives and many angle. -- involved in July as -- many people live lots to do. But I've got to find meditation twice today twenty minutes a day to -- today with the appointment today I can find. And it shift the way that I do the rest of -- -- date -- the way I operate. If you can operate from abundance from a column space -- attractive. For business standpoint you can come into a median have a clean -- clear mind. Did nothing -- in being president. Presence is pure bliss. Do you find that people you work with prefer to work with you after you've met -- Well see I meditate every day twice today you know some kind of Hussein may come out of meditation because sometimes I just thought giggling feel so happy -- in the mornings. -- militant alone and I -- my -- -- committed against. So. For me I I come out -- meditation pretty happy almost every day and who want greater happiness. And we should take the time to look inside the happiness.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Hip-hip mogul's new book \"Success Through Stillness\" demystifies meditation.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22671367","title":"Russell Simmons' Key to Happiness Takes 40 Minutes a Day","url":"/GMA/video/russell-simmons-key-happiness-takes-40-minutes-day-22671367"}