Rutgers Athletic Director: 'I Was An Intense Coach'

Julie Herman responds to critics who accuse her of being an abusive coach in the 1990s.
2:19 | 05/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rutgers Athletic Director: 'I Was An Intense Coach'
The new athletic director brought in after the coach was fired for abusing players is now under fire herself battling charges she abused players while coaching at another school. Gio benitez is here with that. Reporter: Julie hermann calls the accusations heartbreaking but will she be able to keep her job? The university says yes but some aren't so sure. This morning, rutgers athletic director julie hermann is responding to her accusers, 15 women who say herman abused them 16 years ago while she was the university of tennessee's volleyball coach. In a statement monday herman said "for sure, I was an intense coach but there is a vast difference between high intensity and abusive behavior. I am truly sorry that some were disappointed during my tenure as coach." Remember, she was hired to fix the rutgers athletic program after basketball coach mike rice was caught on camera berating players. . Reporter: If julie hermann was named the athletic director in almost any other school in the country, you have to wonder whether or not these former players would have come out and spoken about what occurred or what they said occurred. Reporter: Now sources close to new jersey governor chris christie tell abc news christie wants to speak with school officials about herman because her answers were hard to buy. Former new jersey governor and current state senator richard codey says herman and the rutgers president need to go. Clearly needs a new president and a new athletic director and not today, not tomorrow, now. Reporter: For now rutgers is standing by their new hire saying she was thoroughly vetted but also at issue, whether herman lied about a video showing her 20 years ago at an assistant coach's wedding. I don't want you to come back in february with any surprises you know because the office and all and it would be hard to have a baby in there. There's no "redemption." Reporter: She says she misspoke and forgot the video existed and that assistant coach says herman fired her for ming pregnant. Meanwhile, herman told our sister network espn that the allegations are absolutely not true and she intends to keep her job as athletic director. George, robin. Thanks very much. She'll fight hard. Yes, she will.

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{"id":19269580,"title":"Rutgers Athletic Director: 'I Was An Intense Coach'","duration":"2:19","description":"Julie Herman responds to critics who accuse her of being an abusive coach in the 1990s.","url":"/GMA/video/rutgers-coaching-scandal-athletic-director-intense-coach-19269580","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}