Safety Plan for Super Bowl

An army of law enforcement and military have been fully deployed to protect this year's big game.
3:00 | 01/29/14

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Transcript for Safety Plan for Super Bowl
unprecedented safety measures in place for super bowl xviii this Sunday. ABC's Pierre thochls got emas got exclusive access to the measures being taken. Reporter: The security will be extraordinary with an army of law enforcement and military now fully deployed. We spent time with the most lethal team guarding them, fighter jet pilots. From the moment the canopy closes over this f-16 fighter jet, it's clear that lieutenant colonel Steve ziameck is deadly serious. With that I'm on way training mission. Down the runway from 0 to 400 miles an hour in only 16 seconds. In this live training exercise, our squadron of three F-16s are told to intercept a Cessna headed toward the super bowl. In only three to four minutes, the pilots can see the potential threat. They draw this for a closer look at the plane and its pilot. The plane's not responding so we try a series of maneuvers to convince the Cessna to change directions. We fly by wagging our wings, the international symbol for cease and desist and follow us. Then we fly past the plane trying to force it to change directions. If that doesn't work, the command could be given to shoot down the plane with missiles. Lieutenant colonel, are you prepared to pull the trigger to shoot down a plane that's not doing what it's supposed to do and any other threat? We're ready to respond to whatever they hand us. We're that to protect the people on the ground. It's what I'm prepared to do. Reporter: The New Jersey air National Guard is one of many layers protecting the super bowl and surround events. Border patrol helicopters, state police protecting the waters, FBI and NYPD with specialized units ranging from S.W.A.T. Teams to bomb squads to teams detecting weapons of mass destruction. It's all about stopping any threat no matter the cost. Ziomek is a pie let for a commercial airliner. They even discussed him having to shoot her out of the air. Now it's my job to protect everyone else on the ground if I'm so ordered to do so. Reporter: Sources tell us there is no specific threat. What they're most concerned about homegrown radicals. And they are ready. Have you ever done that before. The scariest thing I've ever done. Tell you what, it's interesting, ever since the super bowl following the 2001 season played in New Orleans it's something you think about every time you go in to a super bowl stadium. Like I said, these guys are deadly serious.

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{"id":22279620,"title":"Safety Plan for Super Bowl","duration":"3:00","description":"An army of law enforcement and military have been fully deployed to protect this year's big game.","url":"/GMA/video/safety-plan-super-bowl-22279620","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}