Salma Hayek Lends Her Voice to Animated Film 'The Prophet'

The Hollywood actress discusses the new movie based on Kahlil Gibran's popular book of essays.
4:36 | 08/05/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Salma Hayek Lends Her Voice to Animated Film 'The Prophet'
Test Text1 plain And I'm back with Salma Hayek, bringing one of the world's most popular books to the big screen, "The prophet" by kahlil gibran, masterpiece about a little girl's friendship with a poet now an animated featurement take a look. ? You'll be free, indeed, not when your days are without a care or your nights without grief, but rather when these things bind up your life and yet you rise above them. Unbound. And Salma Hayek joining us now. Welcome back to "Gma." The words are timeless and we all know that voice, Liam Neeson. Yes, but this time the words are timeless, but now the words have images, so even for little ones who might not understand every word they are getting poetry and the meaning of this amazing concept through the images. It was so important for you to bring this to the screen. Why? It's so many different reasons wean we have such little time. But one of them I think I -- I wanted to create something that was content that could satisfy some of the profound thinkers at all ages, because we have little kids that are profound thinkers and teenagers and adults that they are looking for something he and everything that's given to them, it's very digested, they're really designed for them not to think but to just sort of follow and this is something that promotes individual thinking. The way you've done it, everyone can take it at its own level. Can get something from it. Even your daughter and she plays a role in the French version. Yes, she did the voice of the little girl in French. Quvenzhane Wallis is the little girl here. There she is there. All my children, this photo is called all my children because Cameron was my son in "Grown-ups." Quvenzhane is my daughter in this one and Valentina is my daughter in real life. Fantastic. Love that family picture. They all get along, my children. This is fantastic. I guess we missed a bit of a debate earlier today because I was on the phone with Donald Trump and you have not been shy about speaking out because you're worried about the issues he's raising particularly with immigration. I'm worried that people are actually just taking what he says as the facts. He's the front-runner right now. He is a front-runner right now. That should tell you something, but I mean, immigrants are an important force of work in the United States and anybody that's informed knows this. They use this to polarize for to get votes, but even Donald Trump knows it because according to "The Washington post," in at least in his first hotel that he built he used more than 200 illegal immigrants that they were getting paid $5 or something like this a day. So they've tried to replace some of the workers and what he wants to do that kind of hard job at that price, so I think that it's -- and they want to pay taxes and we want them to pay taxes, so I think it's more of a hype that is republicans and democrats have been using these people and this problem as a political tool for votes, but I think that it's very clear for American economists this is an important force for America. A lot have made that point and will be central to the Donald Trump. Seems like you could debate him. Let's go. Also on the cover of "Allure" magazine and talk about your beauty secrets. One was the funniest. Embracing -- Oh, my god. Beauty seek. Please, let's do something about the hair. But, yes, I can tell you all pie beauty secrets. One is embracing fat. Absolutely, yes, I don't know why women are afraid of fat. Fat is what's going to keep your skin young and the one you are referring to, I make these broth with bones from the cow that has the bone marrow and it's full of collagen but it's also very good for your back. I have some back problems. This is how I started. It's good for your digestive system. Look it up in the internet. It has a lot of benefits. I'm not selling this. We will. I just want you to be healthy and gorgeous. And go see "The prophet." It opens on Friday. Thank you for coming in.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"The Hollywood actress discusses the new movie based on Kahlil Gibran's popular book of essays.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32895332","title":"Salma Hayek Lends Her Voice to Animated Film 'The Prophet'","url":"/GMA/video/salma-hayek-lends-voice-animated-film-prophet-32895332"}