Sam Champion Goes Back to School in Kentucky

"GMA" anchor revisits his alma mater, Eastern Kentucky University.
5:04 | 09/13/13

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Transcript for Sam Champion Goes Back to School in Kentucky
The time has come. It's been a great week. It really has. "Gma"-u. We know all of you are going back to school. We wanted to take you to ours and really join you at yours. And so, we've gone to colombia. We went to penn state. We went to heaven. Southeastern louisiana. And today, sammy, we're going to kentucky. That's right. I'll put this as the slice of heaven for me. It's gorgeous. Entire roads wrapped with horse farms. Exciting, happy faces. At eastern kentucky university, this is where I got to go to school. Eku. Let's go. Eku. Reporter: Eastern kentucky university, my alma mater. Right in the heart of gorgeous bluegrass country. A lot's changed since I walked along richmond road, except for the southern hospitality that this region is known for. Welcome back, sam. Welcome back, sam. My name's katie jackson. A broadcast student. An intern at wkyp, just like you. Reporter:16,000 students proudly attend eku. That's 3,000 more than during my days. Located in historic richmond, kentucky, the town is maroon, with school pride. ♪ Daniel boone was a man ♪ this stop, daniel boone, they say it's good to rub his toes. Reporter: And daniel boone's good luck rubbed off on me. How is the rest of the campus here? It's a little different since you were here. But all of the broadcasting classes are located in this building. Reporter: Mac computers replace the typewriters i remember. While the tools may have changed, students dreams sure are the same. I want to have my own radio show. I dream of being an anchor. I want to go into news rancors and sports reporting. Reporter: The eku wall of stars. Wait. I never expected to be there. It's very important to have a alum like sam. Having his picture there, showing he can get there from here. Reporter: My dreams was to do tv news. Most days after class, I drove north to lexington, to wkyt, where I anchored for the sports department. I can remember sam. It's a pretty good hand to have. Maybe we chased him out of sports and into weather from what he learned here. It's gone pretty good for him. Reporter: Working in tv while in college, was an incredible opportunity. But when I wanted to take time for fun, I had some brothers who were ready to provide. Hi, sam. Reporter: My kappa alpha brothers made sure there was plenty of fun at school. Even the house song is the same. What about my old digs? Does this look familiar? We found your old dormroom. We're going in. Reporter: That would be palmer hall. Sixth floor. I guess it's not an all-boys dorm anymore. Hey. Come on in. How does it look? That's it. But it sure looked a lot bigger when I lived there. Six floor palmer is where it's at. Reporter: Campus pride is evident everywhere. But especially at the season opener football game. Go eku colonels. 10, 5, touchdown. Reporter: I got to say, for college life, I can't believe it gets much better than this. Eku. Eku, let's go. Eku. Colonels football. That's a big deal. 22 championships, by the way. It was fun watching you watch that piece. That was beautiful. I realize how much I missed it until just now. And it was a wonderful pce to go. Katie jackson, I know you got a lot of people up this morning. Thank you so much for showing me the school. And good morning to you, katie. I mean, it looks just as beautiful. But a lot bigger than when I was there. Well, thank you, sam. We're so happy that you came back to our campus. We really want you back. We love you so much. You're our idol. And we have a few gifts for you. We brought in some -- come here, guys. We have some presents. First off, we got you some eku flip-flops. Perfect. A jersey. I love it. This is for you to hang into your office. Oh, that's great. I got you a sunday best cd. It's a local band here. You're going to love it. Okay. Last but not least, "fifty shades of grey." Something we read all the time on campus. Lara will love that copy, as well. Are you ready for this, sam? I'm ready. There you go. Thank you, ma'am. Good morning I'm twnt.

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{"id":20246698,"title":"Sam Champion Goes Back to School in Kentucky","duration":"5:04","description":"\"GMA\" anchor revisits his alma mater, Eastern Kentucky University.","url":"/GMA/video/sam-champion-back-school-kentucky-20246698","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}