Samsung Galaxy S IV Could Be Legitimate Challenge for Apple

Samsung has announced their new smartphone, which promises to do things no other can.
2:42 | 03/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Samsung Galaxy S IV Could Be Legitimate Challenge for Apple
It was. All right, now to the escalating battle between samsung and apple over which company has the better smartphone. Samsung is debuting a brand-new model, it did so last night, does things that no other phone on the market can and darren rovell is here with the latest. It is. A lot of features. Apple might be one of the hottest brands in the world but facing a legitimate challenge in the smartphone market that just might have gotten a whole lot tougher. ♪ it was quite an unveiling for samsung last nigh the star of the show, the company's latest entry in the ultra competitive smartphone market. Ladies and gentlemen, the samsung galaxy s4. Reporter: It's loaded with features that its chief competitor apple doesn't offer, one called air gesture allows users to scroll up and down by simply waving a hand over the phone. There's also smart pause which uses facial recognition software to determine if you're looking at the phone. If you're watching a video and turn away, the video will stop and resume when you bring your eyes back to the phone. Samsung and apple own nearly 70% of the u.S. Smartphone market with apple holding a slight edge at last count. Ten mobile phones purchased now being smartphones, the cream of the crop are duking it out for your dollars. I think this new phone is definitely going to fuel up the war between apple and samsung. Reporter: Annan ongoing legal battle left samsung owing apple $598 million for infringing on six patents. But don't expect samsung to be scared off by big data. Last year when the galaxy s3 was unveiled they dialed up the hate and attacked apple. They should have a priority line for people who waited five types. We won't know if that works but it's got people talking about samsung. Reporter: Being part of that conversation is a necessary step towards unseeding the mighty apple. Bigger and center, there's one feature that has -- there's been a lot of misconceptions about it, the iscroll, whether you can scroll with your eyes. You actually have to tilt it up for the text to move up so that -- the feature where -- you can't really see as you're moving -- you can't? Not with your eyes. It has to be tilted but if you do go away from the screen it will pause as you said before. We had a twitter poll people saying the apple 2-1 margin in our twitter poll. But, who knows what. A lot of features, will they get you to buy. Competition great. Thanks. The big win for the

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{"id":18736443,"title":"Samsung Galaxy S IV Could Be Legitimate Challenge for Apple","duration":"2:42","description":"Samsung has announced their new smartphone, which promises to do things no other can.","url":"/GMA/video/samsung-galaxy-iv-apples-iphone-smartphone-poses-signifcant-18736443","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}