Samuel L. Jackson to Obama: 'Stop Trying to Relate'

In an interview, the actor criticizes the president for trying to sound like "average Joes."
2:37 | 09/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Samuel L. Jackson to Obama: 'Stop Trying to Relate'
Now, friendly fire for president obama. He first skyrocketed to the national stage on the strength of his eloquent speeches. But now, a famous supporter is taking him on for talking down to his audiences. Ron claiborne has more on that. Reporter: That criticism is coming from samuel l. Jackson who accuses president obama of effecting a just regular folks way of speaking to people that jackson says, is not only fake but unpresidential. Hello, cbc. Reporter: You've heard it. The president getting all folksy, talking to the people. Going to changes to gonna. THE Gs DISAPPEAR. I don't think he minds telling me he turns 90 in a couple weeks. He's been causing a ruckus for about 89 of those years. Reporter: It turns out samuel l. Jackson, the maestro of the on-screen f-bomb, has taken notice. And he's filing a grammatical grievance against the president. Jackson talks about what he thinks of educated people, like our harvard-educated president, trying to sound like average joes. Jackson says, I say stop trying to relate. Be a leader. Be expletive presidential. Tailoring your accent and slang to your audience, is as political a tradition as kissing babies. Remember -- thank you all for coming. Reporter: And mitt romney's awkward efforts to talk southern. I got started right with a biscuit and cheesy grits. Reporter: Even a genuine southerner, like bill clinton, would lay on the molasses when he ventured south of the mason/dixon line. They said, what does your momma do for a living, he can give an answer. The president speaking at the united nations in one form, he'll speak in front of a church audience in another form. Reporter: Jackson went on to say that while he sprinkles his own language with ain'ts, when I'm out presenting myself to the world as me, I expletive conjugate. On twier, jackson is apparently widely known as the grammar police for correcting other people's sloppy tweets. Ironic that his own tweets are heavily laden with colorful vernacular. And this being samuel l. Jackson, the occasional expletive. That was a well-written story. Thank you very much. Okay.

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{"id":20380196,"title":"Samuel L. Jackson to Obama: 'Stop Trying to Relate'","duration":"2:37","description":"In an interview, the actor criticizes the president for trying to sound like \"average Joes.\"","url":"/GMA/video/samuel-jackson-president-obama-stop-relate-20380196","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}