San Antonio Mayor: 'No one will be turned away, we're here to help'

Thousands of evacuees fled to San Antonio to escape the brunt of Hurricane Harvey.
2:47 | 08/26/17

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Transcript for San Antonio Mayor: 'No one will be turned away, we're here to help'
San Antonio mayor Ron nearing bird. And mr. mayor thank you for joining us we know thousands of people have been evacuated to your city to get the higher ground to get to those shelters that you all are now. Getting some of that weather from Harvey in are expected to get more what are you focused on right now. Well good morning thanks for having me what you have we have to eventually out vineyards and authority ours we are prepared to receipts. We're also a coordinated. Resort to emergency operations are sorted and digital equipment and resources state. To deploy to help people out of their emergency situations throughout the coastal areas within. Receiving evacuees. The last couple days we have over a thousand now in sheltered locations in the city or also get a jury all. And here in San Antonio were ordered by Swat Valley so it's a smaller Mandarin cost. I'm pretty serious situations but there about brain affected. There's significant so while we're we're staging areas we have actually have urban search and rescue teams. Footage deployed but those were also working people aren't solved through didn't Niagara. And Max were going. I was gonna say dual mission but that that under plays it but then there are two big nations at the very least that you're dealing with a right now one. Taking in all these people who have left their homes to get away from the from the eye of the storm as it made landfall and to keeping everybody safe given the fact that you two will be affected by this storm. Well it's very comes down to. Neighbors helping neighbors you know San Antonio's compassionate city. Our first response is just to find out where we're so those people who. You know our security and our city will have certainly neighbors and we've got teams prepared to receive them in places where they can go. But we're always prepared here we are original. Staging ground for any state emergencies like this and and we are prepared. Or turns 65 days a year just so happened that we haven't seen or hurt in at this magnitude. Am you know twelve years in the United States but we they're prepared. All the time and we will reverse aren't there. And there you've had some practice unfortunately we know back in. Hurricane Katrina days back in 2005 in fact for coming up on that and a anniversary twelve your anniversary just next Tuesday your city was the evacuation point for twenty. 5000. People see you know what you're doing. Do we do our our the question we ask when people you don't lose there's. How can we help. When there's a need we will thriller that's what our city is built built garden and will continue to be that was so no one will be turned away in San Antonio we're there to help. Well those are comforting words I noticed so many thousands. San Antonio mayor Ron near amber thanks for being with us.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"Thousands of evacuees fled to San Antonio to escape the brunt of Hurricane Harvey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49435314","title":"San Antonio Mayor: 'No one will be turned away, we're here to help'","url":"/GMA/video/san-antonio-mayor-turned-49435314"}