Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting: Victims Laid to Rest

The first two funerals were held for the young victims of the massacre.
2:54 | 12/18/12

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Transcript for Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting: Victims Laid to Rest
Let's turn to the newtown shootings. The nation is still in shock. And a town must bid good-bye to its victims and try to get life back to normal if they can for the children who survived. Amy robach has been reporting on this story from the very start. And she joins us this morning from newtown. Good morning, amy. Reporter: Good morning, elizabeth. You can see the shows of support behind me. The memorials are popping up. This one is tremendous. It's in the center of town. And stretches as far as the eye can see. People all over, showing support for this community. Support it will certainly need this week. There were two funerals yesterday. Four more today. And unfortunately, many more to come. This morning, amidst the tragedy, a small step towards normalcy, as students in newtown are heading back to school. All, except, of course, sandy hook, which could remain a crime scene for months. Up to 100 volunteers in the neighboring town of monroe, are getting this middle school ready for sandy hook students to attend. It could be ready this week. But there's no word on when classes will resume. Definitely, at the very least, want to give the children an opportunity to see their new school. And be as comfortable as they can in that new area. Reporter: Meanwhile, the first two victims were laid to rest on monday. Jack pinto, the 6-year-old boy who loved the new york giants, was buried in the jersey of his favorite player, victor cruz. His favorite team was the giants. He talks about how good he is. And he's really good. Reporter: Jack's friends from the wrestling team honored their friend by wearing their little uniforms. Just a few miles away, white balloons. A symbol of purity and hope line the street for another funeral. This one for 6-year-old noah pozner, who was remembered for his love of supermario brother video games and his mother's tacos. Her eulogy moving the service to tears. She said I love you. Reporter: Noah leaves behind his twin sister, ariel, who was in a different classroom and survived the massacre. And this morning, newtown prepares for another difficult day, with services for four more victims. Including charlotte bacon, and vicki soto. While emilie parker's family travels to utah, where they will bury their 6-year-old daughter in the coming days. It's difficult here in newtown. Police will be out in full force this morning, as the newtown schools reopen, two hours later than usual. And yesterday, hundreds of newtown teachers received expert training on children and bereavement training. They will certainly need in the days and weeks and perhaps months to come. Elizabeth? I think months is probably more like it. You're absolutely right, amy. Thank you so much.

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{"id":18003978,"title":"Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting: Victims Laid to Rest","duration":"2:54","description":"The first two funerals were held for the young victims of the massacre.","url":"/GMA/video/sandy-hook-elementary-school-shooting-noah-pozner-jack-18003978","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}