Sarah Jessica Parker selects 'No One Is Coming to Save Us' as her first book club pick

Sarah Jessica Parker, No One Is Coming to Save Us, book club, pick, first choice, American Library Association
7:36 | 06/26/17

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Transcript for Sarah Jessica Parker selects 'No One Is Coming to Save Us' as her first book club pick
Times Square and we have something we want to share in looking for a good book to read always always always always were aren't. Dear friend Sarah Jessica Parker herself is teaming up with the American Library Association to launch book club of central. And they're just gonna. Has her suburb. Bulls' pick take a look. I am hey Sarah Jessica and I'm very excited to share with you in your audience. The title and make the AP a novel I am very gifted American writer name is Stephanie Powell watts and the look at his. Knowing this coming to say that's come. There is much to praise about this very special pluck and for me it's always about the characters and missed lots has. A gift for allowing a reader to know her characters immediately and not only that but to feel deeply for them. Two. Wonder about them when you close the book for brief periods I feel jealous of every one who'll read it for the first time. I the real deal and a woman and you can check out the new book club at book club Central Park or. Because reading anything right now I can't wait to reality this Romania had a really good you know I just started in the unit the in the divine feud between Joan Crawford. Kelly going ever and again patty Davis who would Tomas street and I'm governor here book I just got done the picture of Dorian Gray a what are hospitalized with the ask why I wanted to I wanna start reading more classic novels. Which have never have never read before. It's not really the latest reading to you. Yeah there without your yeah down a little dog. I can't make a plug in front of mind John Farrell road. Fantastic new biography of Richard Nixon who really compelling you think you don't know anything he did you know or anything about it you don't okay. That's my hair yeah absolutely our it will bring it to another big reader and a big friend of ours. The summer reading to of the hottest summer blockbusters our next guest stars and Spiderman homecoming you know his backhand. And bird man amount is facing off against the web slinging superhero as well shark did Michael. I. Every this enthusiastic visceral and on Monday to a militant to fix it you know that didn't they have to let it get you got your paper is the I. I don't so I guess at this hour. Got some bills you know. We'll give us now on this on this I think it's a teacher oh yeah. At least an anti for a new idea on how drilling programs in schools and Sarah Jessica Parker who would you to have one. Yes she would wouldn't she went you know you're he has. Numerous past you have called for everybody yup. Campaign. Elarton across yet but it for me yeah finally we also were never a lot of heat the last thing. Thelma 'cause there's about you know nineteen. There was seven kids. So we're that you have like a miniscule amount of like corn like one kernel code now with everything taken last month and busted for being indicted him. Does that make you religion of the first well yet you know you kind of take what you think you you you should have you know remain in a real scum like Elliott is not what it. What are the mr. Plavix but only about hitting guys picked us that reflects an area aren't so it is absolutely my mom drove that in just just picture good person you bet you not a good person and tell my neck while our mark. There's that's. Records as misunderstand let's actually killing at least misunderstood actually I think what was the kind of smarter about how they went about this I visually no. Nothing about any the lore of fact and there any company who frankly which is. Kind of ironic but so I had to catch up and and when they told me about this guy you know. I'm really should take because he's not he does he really it from outer space for any the real guy. Who's got a legitimate. Argument from me through the movie hopefully. Why he says why he thinks that you know he's not getting what he deserves his work hard. Big Family Guy which if that was really an instant approach to news yeah little layers are very good dirt who says a little carried. Right let's see little bit of a Tennessee some layered. The fire alarm you. Merchandise under the weight. But only if you bring damage control pretty managers down here we're. You're up there where nick and some thing like no cars call yourself to show. I'm shocked people was full wrestling. Okay. We're. She's. Who. She is Smart Alec would only say in early in the morning. 14 and that according to. That type of role the villain if you will yet and those guys are really fund my crew of those guys who really fun hang around. It was fun this loser really really. Fund's big and probably going to be huge would be. And I saw him. Yes it's awesome if you're passing and I and I love your costume it through your dad here. Because it's amazing Costa yet that man Seattle Jews burned man are you I made my own crowd didn't. Well it's out there now look let's bring her favorite threat throughout the industry McCluster. Well no Burton and I was in my underwear it was a movie. Puzzle kid out of almost always a reminder that this thing I want some serious sanctions. I'm. Drilling will legal bullet kill. I was seeing I didn't know here's how well well wake up in the morning go I do not have time put my clothes I just got. I'm just. Clutching. Great thing to say that but I'm not going. Yeah. Look at those so yeah I was I don't know amateur bouts with cancer I don't know because it's like they're like 730 I'm barely awake area street Jesse. It's a brilliant so I am. It really quickly I heard that you might reunite with Tim Burton for D'Amato. Is that true I am reuniting with that's deathly happening excited I know it again her hands. She's not me that's possible it's beautiful customize I want to tell you this I thought you intend together we'll create our counties are. Bad news going to be. Around that guy. You know you want to be in that in that in his sphere because that he's. Original and unique and and an artist. Yes just like you follow on the toddler get his fifth. I can't always of the lot and Fannie Mae in time for us and stay here yeah. Okay.

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{"id":48272278,"title":"Sarah Jessica Parker selects 'No One Is Coming to Save Us' as her first book club pick","duration":"7:36","description":"Sarah Jessica Parker, No One Is Coming to Save Us, book club, pick, first choice, American Library Association","url":"/GMA/video/sarah-jessica-parker-selects-coming-save-us-book-48272278","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}