Girl, 11, to Go Home After Lung Transplants

Sarah Murnaghan underwent two double lung transplants in June.
1:02 | 08/26/13

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Transcript for Girl, 11, to Go Home After Lung Transplants
Ten year old girl from Pennsylvania who is recovering after receiving a double lung transplant. Her family says Sarah Myrna hands condition is improving -- hand has been taken off of oxygen but she's still getting support from the machine that helps her breathe. -- suffering from end stage cystic fibrosis her parents who won the right for Sarah to get new lungs after challenging national transplant rules. Her first set of transplanted lungs failed after surgery in June and she got her second set only three days later. -- is great news to hear that she's doing well -- that machine that she's on its for pressure it's almost similar to what somebody uses for sleep -- yeah my mom says that the prognosis is good -- a long stretch rehab ahead of her but about the prognosis looks really good right now so that's just wonderful. Around -- and not only is she off of the oxygen but she's been able to get up out of her hospital bed she's got to walk around the hospital. Even go outside for a few breaths of fresh air which is pretty amazing considering we were talking about the story pretty recently. This it was almost -- I didn't want it was and that's -- her mom was fighting so hard to get that it's -- -- just makes feel some metal people who still on that list.

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{"id":20070403,"title":"Girl, 11, to Go Home After Lung Transplants","duration":"1:02","description":"Sarah Murnaghan underwent two double lung transplants in June.","url":"/GMA/video/sarah-murnaghan-home-lung-transplants-20070403","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}