Save Money With a Frugal Financial Makeover

Financial guru Lauren Gretman shows you how to cash in on your excess stuff.
2:09 | 04/01/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Save Money With a Frugal Financial Makeover
It is the first day of April, April fools' day and when most of us pay our taxes. Give your family a financial makeover. One discovered cash hiding in their own home and came up with more than a thousand dollars in minutes. Hello. How are you doing? Come on in. Reporter: The Williams family is on a treasure hunt with a twist. Paid 100 bucks for it. Reporter: Combing through their house with the help of Lauren. We can sell this for $80. Reporter: Looking for stuff laying around they can cash in worth 500 bucks. An emergency rainy day fund to kick start a financial makeover but parting with some of their stuff isn't easy. The chair. Not the chair! Reporter: So you have $150 sitting right here. Reporter: Lauren is just getting warmed up. This is very expensive. We roast our own coffee at home. Reporter: Why are melody and Steve willing to auction off their creature comforts? They're drowning in student loans and credit card debt. Look, there's a foosball table. I think you could probably sell on craigslist for at least $25. I'm thinking more towards the $50 range. Reporter: The savings adding up fast. I looked at my watch. It's been 12 minutes since you started this treasure hunt. Wow. How much money have you found? Over a thousand dollars worth of stuff. Reporter: In addition they encouraged the Williams family to make a budget and cut monthly expenses like take-out or premium TV channels. So we'll keep going and have to go upstairs and we're going to try to find Stevie's shoes. Oh. Reporter: There's one last closet that Steve is nervous to share. These are some of my prizes but -- so I mean these are -- These go for 100, $150 a pair. This yielded them $1500 worth of stuff they can sell right now. United nations painful. Sent mental. Means a lot. Talking about things that define who you are and so happy to give up sneakers but I feel like I'm losing a part of myself. Oswego, New York, juju Chang. Rob with a final check of the

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"Financial guru Lauren Gretman shows you how to cash in on your excess stuff. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30043379","title":"Save Money With a Frugal Financial Makeover","url":"/GMA/video/save-money-frugal-financial-makeover-30043379"}