Save or Splurge: Fall Fashion Edition

The fashion director of People StyleWatch shows off the hottest fall looks for any budget.
3:36 | 10/04/13

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Transcript for Save or Splurge: Fall Fashion Edition
play "save or splurge," fall edition. "People" magazine style watch has pulled together three of the hottest looks from the season, from sweater skirts to tuxedo pants. These can cost you top dollar. Or you can be frugal. Here to put us to the test, kate dimmock. Good to have you here. Thank you so much. Let's not waste any time. Let's bring out the first two models with the sweater skirt. It's not like the squeezey tube. They look so comfortable. And they're so flattering. Audience, which is the save? "A"? Or "b." A LOT OF "Bs." Revoel. Our splurge is a missoni skirt that's almost $400. However, this is the catherine malandrino. This is a special item. And we had her on last week. Now, the tuxedo pants. Classic but a little updated here. It is a wardrobe staple. Now, we're seeing it in colors and patterns. This is a great item to have now. It's a must-have for fall. You mentioned holidays. I did. "A" or "b"? Which one is the save? Let's see. There you go. So, we have rebecca taylor has our splurge. Superversatile for $325. But a one of a kind collection, for target, $39.99. I'm digging the shoes, though. I know. They're pretty good. Thank you very much. And now, the leather skirt. How can this be a bargain? Here's the thing. There's no reason not to invest in a leather skirt. Now, though, we're seeing vegan leather options that are good prices, too. Notice that color is the new thing. Isn't that pretty? I may know this one. "A" or "b" is the save? Oh. Which one is it? Which one is the save? There you go, right. Our splurge. Our deal is for $69. Great colors. You can invest or have fun. And get a little something. As always, all our lovely models come back out. You can find that bargain and not compromise style. Exactly. If you want to make an investment, you can. But there's always an option out there to just tray they the friends. Thank you. A great work weekend. And to learn more, go to our website on goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Find out more about these fashions.

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{"id":20470082,"title":"Save or Splurge: Fall Fashion Edition","duration":"3:36","description":"The fashion director of People StyleWatch shows off the hottest fall looks for any budget.","url":"/GMA/video/save-splurge-fall-fashion-edition-20470082","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}