'Scandal' Actress Darby Stanchfield Discusses the Scandalous Season

Playing the new White House press secretary, her character Abby Whelan, is in the mix like never before.
4:11 | 11/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Scandal' Actress Darby Stanchfield Discusses the Scandalous Season
Two episodes left before scandal hits the winter hiatus. Fans will have to hold on two more days for the first one. A fix for you right now. Darby, otherwise known as abbey is with us. And taken over the "Gma" instagram account. Here is one of those pictures. Here I am getting ready, there you go. And Darby is with us right now, live. How are you, my friend? I'm good. That was pre-coffee. Yeah. I was looking at the camera. I have so many questions, not a ton of time. And it is all about abbey this season. Let's talk about the last episo episode. We met the ex-husband. Yes, Charles puttny. If you're in the a gladiator, you have to get involved. This is serious. We see a side of her that I have never seen before. Sure. Very vulnerable and taking things -- taking matters into her own hands without remorse. Well, she was a, you know, domestically abusive relationship in her past marriage with chip. And so you get to see this -- she goes through PTSD when she sees him again and completely collapses. You get to see just in his name being mentioned, and then her seeing him, how vulnerable and her underbelly. We have never seen before in the show. She's always the one who has it kept together. And how is that for you to play this side of abbey? To show the vulnerability? It was, fun may not be the right word. But rewarding to get to know more of this character. Shonda rhimes and the character, they wrote every -- it was like a road map. They wrote every nuanced detail, the talking softly, and lack of eye contact and needing to hide. And I love how Olivia is there for you when you need -- yeah. You guys have both really been there for each other. For each other. Yeah. And watching the pain and going through the PTSD. There's a hashtag online, won't be long until we start hearing ablivia. It's nice to see you back together. Olivia is the only one that she has consistently in her life. They have fought over Harrison, stef, and her leaving, Olivia leaving at the beginning of the season. But nothing can break the friendship. Yeah. What would abbey want for Olivia, Fitz, the president, or Jake, the rogue? Captain Ballard. Yes. I think abbey would just want Olivia to be heap. Abbey is quite a moral compass. She's got ideas of what that is. You need the guy to be faithful and divorced and available. Those are clues, everybody. If you want to know where abbey would lean. Totally. But she certainly would want her happiness. And it's been great to see she hasn't been too judge by about any of it with Olivia. Just really compassionate in terms of Olivia's love triangle. Can you give us, will we will angry, sad, shocked -- In the next episode. There are a couple of bombs that are dropped. Cyrus gets into some huge trouble. This has been brilliant. Yeah, but it gets really bad. Okay. Even more. Oh, my. And abbey's personal life gets a little -- before the season finale. I saw she was smooching with somebody I would not have thought she would -- Who knows where it goes. All right. So much to cover. Love having you here, Darby. Love to Shonda and the whole "Scandal" gang. You can watch it this Thursday night, 9:00/8:00 central on ABC. Somebody described it as an addictive drug despise disguised as TV.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Playing the new White House press secretary, her character Abby Whelan, is in the mix like never before.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26830617","title":"'Scandal' Actress Darby Stanchfield Discusses the Scandalous Season","url":"/GMA/video/scandal-actress-darby-stanchfield-discusses-scandalous-season-26830617"}